Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glad to be home again...

I have decided to paint the bottom cupboards inspired by this
this light green cup pretty!

I hope I didn't disappoint all of you who wanted white but

my kids are little piggies.

I would be spending half the day cleaning and

complaining..... and I think it will be so lovely

against the blue and white.

George got a haircut

boy was he glad to have Momma back!

Now to the lodge news

he stayed for 3 hours today

and as he was leaving he took 2 more cookies

out the door with him and shoved them in his coat pocket

too funny!

He was very nice and he asked a ton of questions

if he buys it he wants to run it this summer.

which is great news for me but he wants

the guides to stay on for this season.

so Phil would have to work with my brother.

and he asked if the decorations went with so that's

nice that he liked how it looked furnished.

He has 4 dogs so instead of three kids and a cat

a more quiet exchange.

He video taped every square inch for his wife

including me out slipping on the ice behind the lodge

you know how I feel about that.....

any way he said he was flying home to talk

and share with his wife and he

would get right back to him!

our real estate agent later said he's very interested

we will keep praying....

thank you ladies for all you encouragement

and prayers!


  1. Oh sounds promising, will keep my fingers & toes crossed for you! Enjoy being home, that shade of green will look wonderful in your kitchen, you just have so many lovely things to look at there on those shelves...x

  2. Hej Heidi

    Ditto Mel ;-)
    That cracked me up about the cookies...
    I'm wishing n hoping n praying for you.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY whats left of your weekend.

    Can't wait to have Swedish fika with you :-DDD x

  3. Hi Heidi,

    I love love love your kitchen. I really like the green cabinets as they are, but also love the inspiration for the fresh coat. I am glad that you have chosen a colour rather than all white.

    The Lodge news sounds very promising indeed, how exciting!

    Bye for now, Tamara x

  4. Great shade of green. I am sure that it will look nice. Sounds promising with the lodge. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  5. Hi Heide, what a lot of nice things on the shelves. I think the pastel green will do very well in your kitchen.
    I keep my fingers crossed.
    Lieve groetjes

  6. oh please oh please oh please!!!!!

    They must have been good cookies! ha

    I'm sorry you slipped on the ice . . . I hope you're alright (it's nasty right now).

    Welcome back!

  7. ooooh.. I love the green and still holding my thumb for luck!

  8. That sounds like positive news fingers still crossed ;-)I think your colour green will look lovely on the cupboards. Love all your shelves above with all your lovely goodies on. George looks so very sweet bless him. Have a lovely week, dee x

  9. Thanks so much for your comment - and yes, I am praying for your family too as well as mine! It is so good to know that we're supported in prayer even by people half the world away, isn't it?

  10. Look forward to seeing your light green cupboards. It will look so pretty.

    Good luck with the lodge!

    MBB x

  11. The green will look very nice in the kitchen...The report sounds good about the lodge, I do hope you hear very soon, it is so hard to wait for an answer like this. xo

  12. You have the pastel bug just like me! I think that soft green will look wonderful. I love your moderntone dishes...very 20's. I have a friend who has a whole collection of luray dishes in various pastel colors.
    George looks wonderful!
    Will keep praying for the lodge to sell. His wife is going to love how its decorated. It looks like such a nice place!
    I gave Heather my Watercolor today, I think she is a very happy girl!
    Chris :o)

  13. I like the pale green you've chosen for the kitchen cupboards - it will so pale and pretty, and will go beautifully with the pale blue side walls.
    George looks so different!!! Bet he's perky now he's cut! Looks so cute!
    Fingers crossed for the potential buyer - he does sound interested - do hope it all works out!!!

  14. The green looks great and I love all your lovely bits on your shelves!

  15. sure hope his wife likes it as much as he did!!!Phew!

  16. Hello Heidi,

    wat a lovly Gilr and wat a lovly dog.

    soooo sweet....

    greatings send you Conny

  17. Oh I do all goes well for you and the sale goes lovely would that be!
    I so think your colour will be beautiful...happy painting that adorable kitchen of yours. xoxoxoxo

  18. Oh good luck, congratulations, sounds promising!! Love Posie

  19. hiya h
    back in the blogosphere
    after fun and trauma!
    hope the lodge guy follows through
    stressful trying to sell a house eh
    thanks for your cute message
    glad spring is on it's way chez toi
    take care
    love from mrs peanut
    (ps posted
    last week
    2 packages)


  20. I love your kitchen! I want a sink like that!