Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mushroom- toadstool, tomato- tomato

I finally found this little Easter decoration

I picked up on a trip a few years ago

the chick and egg it's Danish.

This big mushroom did not fit in the window sill

with the others so I decided to create a little Easter table

Scandinavian style...

then I thought I would

get out my egg cups. the blue one is from Norway I have a rust one to match but the red ones I'm not sure they are wood and I always thought they looked Swedish. I think I have enough toadstools now.
they do make me happy to see them as I come and go

through the front door!

I also found some ceramic mushrooms I don't know where

they come from but they are cute.
The Dala horse ,I would love to have some of my Mom's

she has a wonderful collection of them.
but this little guy is extra special

because he was my Grandma's

She brought him back as a souvenir

from their trip over in the 60's.

well as you can see I had fun playing house again

with my doll furniture....

I hope you all had just as wonderful a day and by late

afternoon the snow was gone and Spring was back

and I'm Back to painting!


  1. Oh it looks so lovely at your place, Heidi! I really like this scandinavian
    stuff...Did I told you that we will travel to Danmark over a month?! I'm loooking forward to it :o)
    Have a nice day and enjoy your beautiful things!

  2. That scene would make me happy too if it greeted me at my door! Happy painting.

  3. What a cheery little scene! I love the mushrooms . . . they always make me smile! have a great day painting!

  4. Hej Heidi

    WOW! I think I have just died and gone to Swedish mushroom & dala horse heaven!
    I LOVE your Swedish easter table and how you have displayed everything...
    You know anything RED or BLUE & with a touch of polka dot, gingham or enamel are my favourite colours/textiles.
    The photo's are really good that you have taken too, is that your new camera phone your using?
    I'm glad you like my mormor rutta (granny blanket)

  5. P.S. I LOVE the RED egg cups!!!! x

  6. Oh Heidi it all looks so lovely, bright and cheery!!! All those red and white toadstools, the darling little egg cups (love the red and white ones)and the wonderful painted wooden Dala horses - the whole easter display table looks wonderful - you have some lovely things and you are so clever at arranging them all!
    So pleased for you that the snow has finally gone!!!!!! I hope you enjoy some lovely spring weather and flowers.
    Glad you like the red braids, they are cheery too arent they? Not yet sure what I'll do with them.
    Gill xx

  7. Love it all Heidi! Especially those red and white egg cups, how cheery all, just what we needed for today! :-)

  8. cute display
    and lucky objects
    to hang
    such groovy


  9. I a always amazed at the stuff you have...I would not have considered way up north a treasure trove of vintage things...yes dumb idea I suppose.

  10. Hello Heidi,

    thank you so match for visit my blog.

    Yes i have H&M, bat you have pumkin patch.
    The clods from that is soooooo goriose, so sweet....i like it very match.

    greatings send you Conny

  11. oh can you EVER have enough mushrooms?
    This whole display is such a delight, it makes me smile and smile some more!

  12. Dear Heidi,

    This all looks so sweet! Love the bright colours!!!

    Guess what???? Your first parcel arrived today :-)! I have always had a feeling it would arrive in the end. Your parcel has been on the move from the 17th of November. Such a long time!!! We had to laugh about the Christmas decorations. It seems so out of place on a warm April day :-)! The enamel jar is simply lovely! Oh Heidi, I feel so bad about you sending all these things my way. Do you want me to send one of the jars back? I will definetely send you some surprises to make up for everything!

    Have a lovely day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief xox

  13. Wow, I'm in mushroom heaven!!! Those little mushrooms are one in a million!!! Those little toadstools are so cheerful, I love the way the red and white just pops happiness next to the blue colors!!! Your horse is precious Heidi, its nice that you value your families things and treat them with such great respect!!!
    Love you, have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  14. Hello my dear,

    since saturday I work 17 hours per day in my both jobs so I have rarely time for blogging. But I want to leave a comment. Your kitchen looks great! I love the colour you choose (this was my thought too, in germany we call it "mintfarben") and it gives a fresh and a bit nostalgic feeling. Your kitchen must be big with all the stunning treasures you have on your shelves. Your passion is collecting - am I right? I love to come into a room and to see many different objects - it is a pleasure for my eyes. My husband says we have too many things but I think this not!
    My last post is about very special porcelain from a very old geman manufacture which was called "Max Roesler". This manufacture existed from 1893 til 1927 and in this short period they designed so many beautiful porcelain and kitchenalia. I have some pieces from Roesler but it is mostly to expensive for me.
    On the next saturday we drive to the north of germany for some days. I hope I bring back many interesting pics. This and the fact that I work this week so much let me have hardly time for blogging and commenting. When I´m back I will come more regularly to bloglandia.
    And if you could come to germany I could show you so many pretty and interesting places. And I would drive to france and switzerland with you. That would be a happy time!

    Dear Heidi,
    I wish you a nice weekend and sun, sun, sun!


  15. What a cute and festive vignette. I'm sure they greet everyone as they come and go. Glad the snow went, it doesn't have much steam by this time of the year but it's irritating.

  16. Buongiorno Heidi...ho scoperto solo ora il tuo blog, è meraviglioso!! Adoro le cose vecchie ed antiche!!!
    Ti fa piacere se facciamo uno scambio di link?
    Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  17. I love looking at your things you have great style what a gorgeous array of color. Really like the little horses and egg cups. Its lovely when you have things that belonged to a family member memories are special. Enjoy your painting , dee x

  18. Ah Heidi, you do the lovliest displays! I am such a toadstool fan, so my heart raced to see your pictures! I also love Dala horses. I only have a couple but wouls love to start a collection too..........would just have to bump something off to make room for it though!!!!! ha ha!

    Happy days to you!!!!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  19. It is so nice in Scandinavian style and with special memories.
    Good luck with the painting.
    Have a nice day.

  20. I love how you play with your decor. It's so inspirational!! Makes me want to rearrange my treasures too!

  21. those dala horses are so so pretty!!!! i hope you have been keeping out of trouble while i was on vacay!

  22. Your mushroom display is adorable!;) Have a wonderful day my friend~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  23. Hello my dear Heidi,

    you are always so funny - my trouble friend!

    I found the old tin via ebay for 1,50 euro and if I find a similiar or second tin I will send it to you! The word Würfel means cube and the word Zucker means sugar. Oh I love such old kitchenalia so much.
    In 4 hours we drive to northern germany and I´m sure I come back with many pictures.

    Happy birthday to your husband and have a wonderful weekend,
    your friend Tanja

  24. i'm loving the barn too, somewhere in there, in your images!

  25. Lovely post! I love all the toadstools! xxx