Monday, April 11, 2011

A little help....

I had to share my little blue pot... makes me happy.

I'm painting my new cabinet over the stove

today. I can't wait to show you it finished.

I found a crocheted full spread that one of me Grandma's sisters

made years ago, Freda. It's beautiful my mom is going to

fix a couple of tears in it and I'm going to put it on my bed.

Freda out of all my Grandma's sisters was a tough cookie

many stories of this one!

Mimi has placed an order with Grandpa for this little house,

when the lodge sells and they build next door she wants this built in there

backyard. We should hear something this week about the lodge.

look I have lake property...

the swamp behind the house with snow melt,

it does look pretty!

Here's where I need help my guru never got a chance

to look, I did have a glass of wine and forgot to ask.

It's doing this on what ever I want to look at on the computer.

Has this happened to you or do I just need to take it in?

this post took an hour I'm on the kids computer

it's torture!


  1. Sorry I'm no help on the technical problems, hope you get sorted...I love that little yellow house :) Hope all goes well with the lodge x x x

  2. Did it start after we put this background on? I have never seen that problem before. We might have to work on it this week? Any days free for you?

  3. Hummmmm, sorry, no help from me either on the computer front, I know the bare minimum to get me by!

    Hope all goes ok with the Lodge sale and love, love love the yellow house...I want to live in there!!!!!!!

    Have a fab day!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  4. sounds like amanda
    can help
    no expert me
    but would start
    by trying a
    system restore
    at a date prior to
    this message appearing
    if you need to know how
    email me and i can
    try to explain
    good luck h
    bloody computers
    oh the joy
    and pain


  5. Oh your little blue pot is adorable and I love the crocheted bed spread.What a blessing that someone in your family was so talented to have made it!

  6. Hi Heidi,

    I have no idea, but I will ask David! Have you tried shutting your computer off and then restarting it? Sometimes that clears things up.
    Your blue pot is amazing!!! I love your enamelware!!!! You have the most beautiful collection in your kitchen!!!
    I hope Mimi's order gets filled!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for good news this week about the lodge.

  7. I am hopeless with technology and computers i wouldn't be able to offer you any advice im sorry. Lovely blue jug can't wait to see your finished kitchen. And that crochet looks so fine and delicate what a beauty. I hope you get your computer sorted real soon. dee x

  8. too many cookies, perhaps?
    slow connection?
    try and google it love, usually they tell you, one way or another??!!
    the shed is a want!!

  9. I knowwwww, hope your computer gets better!! And I can't wait to see your kitchen :)

  10. I'm not good at that, but sounds like help is on the way. I'm holding my breath for the sale of the lodge. Your white bedspread picture is beautiful. Does Mimi know that I have a little cottage like that behind my house? Kids just can't quite understand why I have one - really - a grownup???? Have a wonderful day Heidi. Diane

  11. Lovely blog you have, Heidi! Great home as well...
    Love, Maaike

  12. Poor you re the computer - that sort of thing drivesmev mad! Love the little blue pot :) Good luck re the house. Abby x

  13. Hi Heidi,

    I can't help you out either. I am horrible with computers! I hope someone else will know how to help you.

    The coffee pot looks great! You have an eye for beautiful things! I am enjoying my pots very much :-).

    Hope your lodge will sell so that Mimi gets her little garden house!

    Happy day & lieve groet,

    Madelief xox

  14. Nice pictures. Nice to hear that you can read my blog and understand it.

  15. Sorry to hear of your 'puter problems, hope they are sorted out soon. Love the jug it is the most beautiful that I have seen, have a good one, Tam x

  16. Oh i loathe it when the www decides i can't open a bog or my own, or it says it doesn't exist or that i don't follow anyone??!! Messes with your head.
    Happy birthday to your husband too!!
    As for that yellow house, my MiMi would like one too, gorgeous & check out the snow melt, brrrr, love Posie

  17. I love your darling enamel pot and your property~ Sorry im not much help with internet things though.. ;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  18. Hi Heidi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I would have loved a vintage toast rack, but I can't seem to find any nice pieces at the moment :(

    I haven't used it yet - will make sure I do this weekend!

    I love the blue jug! Where did you find it? xx

  19. Hello heidi,

    sorry bat i dont now.
    I can not help you.

    greatings and goed luk wish you Conny

  20. The good and the bad in this post! Sorry to hear your computer is playing up - i have never had that- although it regularly takes me an hour to do a post cos i put so many photos in it!
    Yay!!! Your snow is thawing !!! Can now see land and trees in your post instead of white!
    So glad for you, you must be happy!!!
    Fingers crossed for good news this week on your parents lodge - that sweet house is so cute that Mimi likes!
    Gill x

  21. I could not enter before but I am trying again!!! it happens to us all.

    I do hope that everything goes off well re the lodge.