Friday, April 8, 2011


Happy Birthday to Phil today...

and my computer is on the fritz

so I can't comment for a few days on all

your lovely blogs this is my favorite

part of blogging.....

I did invite a computer guru over for dinner tonight

in celebration of Phil's birthday.....hmmmmm

wish me luck!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. happy birthday other 1/2 of h
    and bleedin computers
    tell me about it
    fantastic till they get mardi
    since mine fried lots of problems
    not least lost my photoshop
    (can't live without it)
    tragic state of affairs
    enjoy your party
    great idea to make an invite work
    sing for your supper 'n all


  2. A very big Happy Birthday to your Phil! Good luck with your computer's amazing how far a good dinner will get you! xxoo

  3. Lately, including ours a lot of people have had their computers down. Hope is gets fixed, and have a lovely birthday evening.

  4. i was so lucky when my friends hubby new how to fix my laptop when they came to stay as id got a nasty spam/virus/thingy on it.....
    awww happy birthdays to your lovely one xxxx

  5. Happy birthday, have a nice day and a succesfully evening ;o)

  6. Hope you have a lovely evening, and your guest can help you out :) extra pudding if they do x x x x

  7. Happy Birthday Phil. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

    Good luck with the computer Heidi.

  8. Happy Birthday to Mr Heidi! Good luck re the computer - good thinking to invite an IT buff! Have a good weekend, Abby x

  9. Happy Birthday Phil!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!! If I were closer I would come and play you the Happy Birthday Song!!!
    Oh my gosh Heidi, we can't have any problems with the's our life line!!!!!!!! (smile)
    Hope your Guru has that magical finger touch. David is great with stuff like that, he is my Mr. fixit!!! If you guys can't figure it out give us a call, David is great at trouble shooting!!
    Chris :o)

  10. Happy Birthday Phil!!! Hope you have a super day!!!!

    I'm with Jane....extra pudding for a computer favour!!!!!!!


  11. Happy Birthday to my favorite wood worker! I hope he has a lovely day! Good luck getting the computer going again . . .you've had some serious problems haven't you? Dang gurl.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Your posts always make me smile Heidi - i do love coming here!
    Happy Birthday to Phil!!!
    Hope you get your computer fixed presto pronto, thanks for managing to visit me, I did feel i had a good haul today, glad you agree!
    I wish you could come too Heidi, it would be great fun (and you'd have some sunshine too - its been hot today again)
    Hope you have a happy birthday meal tonight for Phil, and have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  13. Happy Birthday to your Phil. What a great stroke of luck/genius having a computer nerd/friend to dinner! Personally, I couldn`t do without my laptop/power tool, even though it`s a bit of a dinosaur, much like me. Really it is.
    Have a great weekend, Heidi. xxx

  14. Hej Heidi

    Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    I LOVE that vintage birthday party image.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Awww thank you always for your lovely comments and you crack me up, always without fail put on smile on my face :-DDDDD
    LOVE PEACE enJOY ENJOY ENJOY...I would ;-) x

  15. Hi Heidi Happy Birthday and have a nice weekend.

  16. Happy Birthday to your Man! And wishing you a wonderful weekend!XX

  17. Happy Birthday Phil...wishes from Australia.

    I know what you mean about the took me 4 times to add pictures to my last post and then I accidentally posted it before I was finished and had to start again. Is it only me that posts without meaning too??

    Have a lovely day, Tam x

  18. Oh muck ups are the worse...good luck!

    Plus happy birthday to your phil! xo

  19. Happy birthday Phil. Ooooo noooo I hope you manage to get it fixed what a pain in the bottom. have a lovely weekend, dee x

  20. Happy Birthday to him!!!! I hope your computer gets fixed!!

  21. Dear Heidi,

    Congratulations to your husband!!! What a great looking card you chose. I love it!

    Hope your computer will be fixed soon! I am having difficulties with mine too. According to my daughter it's time now to by a laptop :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  22. Oh by the way . . . check out this blog!!!!

  23. i hope you all had a nice day of it!!!

  24. A belated Happy Birthday to Phil! Clearly all the best people celebrated birthdays on the 8th! ;o)

    Victoria xx