Friday, April 22, 2011

The winner....What's your favorite?

The Winner is Heidi

you will have to email me your address

along with your choice of

the enamelware bowl

or irrigate!

Congrats Laura.....

OK now the big question

What's your favorite Easter candy?

Mine is the Carmel and peanut butter filled eggs...

I'm not going to decorate

an Easter table this year.

because were having brunch
at church which should be fun!

But I am going to miss a cute table

it's my favorite part of the meal

I think a pretty table

makes everything taste better!

congrats again to Heidi

in Italy...

I have to share this if you have a weak stomach

stop Maundy Thursday church

service last night we had a potluck dinner

and I was sitting across from this man

and I happened to look over as he was putting in a

big bite of dessert in his mouth and there was

a big hair hanging from it and

next to mice this is my second big pet peeve....

I could not take my eyes off him he just kept eating

I was about to lose it


If I grossed you out sorry but It still

makes me queasy!

Have a great day girls....


  1. have
    a happy
    hair free
    munch a few
    for me


  2. oh dear!
    and there sit so many germs on a hair anyway.
    oh dear, oh dear.
    happy easter though!

  3. Congratulazione a Heidi! and a Great Big Chocolate Bunny Hug to our Heidi. Have fun, sweetie. x

  4. have a happy easter!!! their decoration is beautiful! greetings angie

  5. Hi Heidi,

    Your story about the man with the big hair hanging from his mouth made me LOL! SO DIRTY!!! I hope you still had a nice dinner?! Your Easter decorations look lovely :-)! I wish you and your family a Happy Easter. I hope you will have a greaty time together.

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  6. ha ha bless you that story did make me chuckle ;-) Those Easter tables look lovely, i am not religious i am afraid so i don't decorate i do make a cake for the boys with eggs and chick on and they do have eggs on Easter Sunday. Peanut butter eggs ? i wow we don't get those here and i love peanut butter bet those are lovely. My favorite is cadburys cream egg and mini eggs yummy ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  7. Congratulations Italy Heidi! You lucky thing! (Go the bowl).

    That hair story's made me feel ill.

  8. Congratulations to Heidi in Italy!!! Such a lucky, lucky girl.
    I love all the beautiful photos...I think I am going to put little flowers in my egg cups and egg shells like your first cute!!
    Have a very Blessed Easter with your family Heidi!!!
    Chris :o)

  9. Love your new look Heidi.
    Congratulations to the winner she's going to love your things.
    My favorite Easter candy - Russel Stovers chocolate covered eggs, maple nut, strawberry anything! Hands down!! Your pictures of the tables are so pretty, your description of the supper last night - YUCK!!! Blessings, Diane

  10. O.K. I have a confession to make . . . I HATE hair (even my own) that just lingers around off of the folicle that it's supposed to be clinging on. Bathroom sink, floors, clothes, but especially FOOD! Especially rogue hair - that you're not sure who it came off of.

    makes me want to gag.

    congrats Italy Heidi - Hey Heidi . . . maybe YOU should take the prize to Italy. Hum, that might be a nice little vaca

  11. Congratulations to Heidi in Italy.

    I laughted too about the hair, I could almost picture it and the entire scene, how funny but yucky too.

    Have a wonderful Easter Heidi. xo

  12. We had the hair man over for dinner tonight, so I could not resist I asked about it.....he said he never noticed, so gross!
    you can always count on me for fabulous table talk!

  13. Hello Heidi

    Heidi you crack me up!
    Agree hair in food is a big NO NO for me too!
    Mice well after having one run up my trouser leg, whilst sitting on the computer...late one night...well that's another story...lets just say MICE no problem.
    CONGRATULATIONS! Heidi in Italy
    (I would go for the enamel bowl)
    P.S. Heidi in Alaksa if she doesn't want it I'll BUY if off you...;-)
    Have wonderful Easter weekend

  14. Congratulation to Heidi! nice to be able to leave a comment on your blog to wish you a Happy Easter!

  15. In the UK we go mad for Cadbury's Mini Eggs!! I made Easter nests for the boys at work which are traditionally shredded wheat in chocolate with some mini eggs in them! I also did rice krispie ones with marshmellows and cornflakes with malteaser and crunchie in them!!!!

    Have a fabulous Easter weekend,

    Victoria xx

  16. Happy Easter Heidi! Enjoy your Easter brunch!
    Love the new header, so pretty!
    Rachel x

  17. Oh! My God!
    Oh! My God!
    It's me!
    I was not sure, I think I did not understand, you know I'm not very good in english, so I read it three times, but it is mine link...
    Wow, I am really very happy, I never won anything before!
    Thank you! thank you! thank you Heidi!!!!
    I have an Easter gift this year!
    Thank you again, and Happy Easter to you and your family and to all the ladies here in your blog!
    Laura (aka Heidi)

  18. Congratulations Laura /Heidi on winning Heidi's wonderful giveaway!!!!
    Heidi you did make me laugh with your hairy pudding story - yuk!!!!! And then I laughed more cos you asked him - poor man, bet he's the one feeling queasy now!
    Hope you continue to have wonderful Easter celebrations!
    Happy Easter Heidi and thnaks for such a wonderful blog!!!
    Gill xx

  19. Haha! I can imagine you just sitting there and staring at him with a look of horror on your face!