Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitchen and Lodge update...

Phil installed my hood vent cabinet he built. and I finished painting still needs the doors and the mouldings installed.
But I couldn't wait I had to fill it.
Love these egg cups.
and the gentlemen interested in the lodge

sent a message that he's very interested still.

along with 20 questions.

So this is encouraging news.

I had to show my sweeties hair,

Sylvia had fun with her.

Oh my hair turned out cute I love it

and I did try and take a picture for you guys

but they all turned out bad!

I can't wait to show you the finished


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  1. Your Phil is a pretty handy guy, looks great! So nice to hear that the interested party is asking so many questions..he sounds serious.

  2. Oh my your kitchen is looking wonderful. I love how you've chosen blue and white for your new cabinet.

    That's good news about the possible purchaser ... fingers crossed!

    What a beautiful daughter! She looks a bit unsure of her highlights!

  3. Hey, she is following in my footsteps! :-)

  4. I love the soft blues in the kitchen, this is going to be so pretty. I know your haircut is as pretty as Mimi's..I'm so hoping that this guy will buy the lodge. Good luck on your giveaway. Diane

  5. Just to let everyone know that the color comes out of Mimi's hair..just for fun!

  6. I agree your kitchen is looking great! Your daughter is adorable!!

  7. very cute colours- in your kiddo's hair, and the kitchen. just lovely!

  8. green
    i am
    of your
    (and kitchen
    and little girl
    and that man
    is serious
    about lodge
    (no good house
    selling news here



  10. oh wowza what beautiful images- love your style and the colours heidi- beautiful ;0)xxxx

  11. Kitchen hood is really great - love your pretty blue china and tinware - looks perfect! Mimi's hair is great too - I love her expression. C'mon - show us your picture!! Abby x

  12. I am in love with your blue coffee pot and blue coffee Heidi, just died and went to heaven!!!! Boy, Phil did a great job....My favorite kitchen looks amazing!!!! Are you sure I can't bring my sleeping bag...LOL!!
    It's all so beautiful...totally perfect!!!!!!!!
    Really good news on the lodge....I'm still praying!!!!
    Tell Mimi I love her hair, such a funny look on her face!!!!!
    Miss you!
    Chris :o)

  13. I love the blue and white reminds me of my aunt who collects dinnerware in those colors :) Hope you are having a great day!

  14. Beautiful hair!!!
    And i really falling in love with your a dream!!!
    Where I have to sign in for your give away? Of course I want
    to win *smile*
    Have a nice weekend! Tomorrow I'll see my best girlfriend...she'll
    come over and stay a few days.

  15. You have my dream kitchen! Enjoy

  16. The kitchen is looking lovely, Can't wait to see the finished project, it looks amazing already xxx

  17. Kitchen hood looks fab with all your pretty blue and white things - so light and pretty - looking forward to seeing more!
    Your daughter looks so sweet with the pink bits!
    Is sounding hopeful re: the Lodge sale - fingers still crossed for your family.
    Thankyou for your good wishes for my "not so little" girls 16th birthday!
    Gill xx

  18. Wonderful blue and white enamel. Your kitchen is very cosy. Groetjes

  19. I can't wait to see it finished it looks amazing so far i love your style i have really been thinking about changing my front room after seeing your home the past few months but i know i couldn't get it like are turning my head ;-) Your daughter's hair looks lovely what sweet curls to. Great news about the Lodge i hope it goes your way, dee x

  20. You my friend have the sweetest dishes ever!!! Your kitchen is going to be soooo adorable.

    Hugs to you. xoxo

  21. G'day Heidi, wow, I need a hooded vent just like that on above our oven. Love the look on your daughters face, and love the pink bits, too cute. It does sound promising re. the lodge, so exciting.....Tam x

  22. You have lots of lovely treasures in there...

    Have a nice weekend ♥

  23. that is the cutest kitchen!!

  24. I cross my fingers for you Heidi!
    You have a lovely daughter with beautiful hair!
    I love all your teapots and coffepots (is it the right word? I am not sure of it), your kitchen is a dream!
    Have a nice week end!

  25. Oh Heidi, I am LOVING your kitchen! Such beauties and what a star Phil is!!!!

    Keeping fingers crossed about the lodge, and good luck to all with your giveaway!!!!!! (thought better not enter it, as that's just plain greedy piggy!!!!!!) ha ha!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

    Vanessa xxx

  26. Wow Heidi,

    Your cabinet looks great! And all those treasures inside....I LOVE it all!! You have so much beautiful enamelware. That lost picture of your kitchen looks fabulous. I hope you will show us more soon.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for the lodge. I hope it sells!

    Your daughter looks very sweet!

    Happy weekend & lieve groet,


  27. i don't believe you that the photos of your hair ALL turned out bad! there was just not the one with a turned head in it, was there?? i am dying of curiosity here!!
    good luck on the lodge. told you so it was going to work. it's working, it'll soon be sold...
    have a happy weekend, my love. i'm in awe with your kitchen refurbishments, i can only dream. which i do, with eyes open... insomnia!!!
    still. x

  28. Hi Heidi

    My lovely I thought you had run away...
    And I have missed a whole load of your posts, for some reason they have not come into my feed.
    WOW and double WOW WOW
    Phil has done a great job your cabinets look amazing with all those beautiful pieces of china and enamelware. I LOVE white is is just the best...look what a wonderful canvas it is to display all your lovelies against.
    I've always loved your kitchen now I am head over heels...MORE eye candy please!
    Sounding good about the potential buyer, everything crossed and my knees are really sore now...

    P.S. I don't believe you either that ALL the photo's of your hair turned out!

  29. I really like the blue teapot. I got this ugly tea pot from my grandmother's house. I painted it solid blue it looks amazing. I should show you sometime.

    -Zane of ontario honey