Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Happy Birthday , Get Well Wishes and a Miracle!!!!

A very Happy Birthday to Veronica,
I'm glad she got to 42 first
she can tell me what it's like for a few more months...
were celebrating her day today !!!then my poor Ted who is in ICU in Portland it was touch and go but with all the love and prayers he has been receiving we pray he will be able to go home soon. He has been in the hospital for 2 months now, those poor nurses as he is quite a flirt!! 
then the Miracle,
some Dear friends yesterday
 rocked our world with an accident....

 God is good!!!
He had his Angels
watching over them because
they just missed a
huge drop off
and they were able to walk away.

Miracles happen everyday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Veronica!

    I love your cards and I'm sure the people will absolutely love them. Those old cards were so darned cute!! So happy that you can say your friends survived near disaster. You have lots of reasons to celebrate today. Diane

  2. Wow! Lots going on over your way, I'm glad your friends are ok after such a close call..miracles do happen. Those cards are really cute, too...

  3. Happy Birthday Veronica! She is such a dear person. I hope she had a fabulous day, and am sorry I couldn't be a part of telling her happy birthday personally!