Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Sisters place...

These are some photos from my sister house in Anchorage.

the mid century pictures she thrifted and I just love them...
and the French oil of the hen how cute is that!!

then there is my poor George who got shaved at the groomers and
while stuck in traffic on Monday I did my own trimming
on his poor ears when will I learn
somethings should be left to the professionals!!
on the polka dot blanket that is Georges brother Coconut.
George will stay with my sister Christi and his brother for the rest of summer
as there are way to many Eagles on the beach.

In exchange I took my niece home with me
 for as long as she can handle being away from her Mom.
Mimi runs her ragged which gives me Peace to get my work done..


  1. How come I can never find an email address for you? LOL

    Jack doesn't know yet. I am not yet to the point where I am comfortable telling him. If I have a good hospital ultrasound at 12 weeks I will tell him then.

  2. I think George is SO cute, especially sitting on the polka dot blanket. Aren't you going to miss him? - probably not as much as if he was carried off by an eagle!!!! Your sister's things are really pretty, I'm sure you love to see her. Have a great day, Heidi, Diane