Thursday, June 17, 2010

I treasure a roomy cupboard.

I love vintage children's cupboards
and furniture!

they are just little bright spots for me
around the house.

I don't know if its been a full moon
but I have had alot of crabby people in the store.

all new none of my regulars.

I'm hoping today they will be full of sunshine
but just in case I bought candy to offer them....
sweeten them up!!!


  1. Candy can't hurt!! The moon does affect people's behavior. I love your little cupboards, they are perfect storage especially if you're 8 inches tall. Have a wonderful day, I hope you have happy things happening. Diane

  2. That little furniture is divine! Have a happy day using all the sweetness you need...

  3. Ok your tea sets are to die for! The Jadite with the Scottie is AMAZING!! I have a few little pieces but yours are great! The glass ones are wonderful too. And the doll and the cupboards!!! I am in heaven. I will go back and drool at the pictures again now! Thanks for sharing!!
    Hugs, Lisa