Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage collections

Well I'm not sure whats going on .....with my pictures.
But thank God I have Amanda my
computer guru,
Blog spot must have changed a few things....

Its rained all day almost so I'm praying for sun tomorrow
 and I hope it all sells so I don't have to pack it somewhere!

I know my orders are all tall ones but a girl can hope!

I had to post something happy to lift my spirits....
because I am a little frazzled.
 I am a little nervous about Lynn's(Phil's sister) visit only because I have never met her
boyfriend and Phil may have to work the whole time so that leaves me as entertainer
with the kids, it will be fine.....
Phil came through not to long ago and said he forgave me for being so crabby!
they really are from a different planet sometimes I think!
He's right I was crabby....
I loved the barrettes
Have a great Friday!

pictures by
velvet strawberries
urban optiques
royce bair
country living


  1. Aren't we all! Sometimes! We try to be everything to everybody and guess who gets crabby! I know you'll do fine. Sounds like Bean found some wonderful things at your place. Wish I could have rode along with her.

    Blessings on the day. Hope you have a great sale.

  2. OMG!!! the memories just flooded in when I saw that pink hat barrett. I remember having two of those. They were my favorite!