Saturday, June 19, 2010

A thrifted house fit for a mouse!

How cute is this I loved it the minute I saw it...
of course it was an ugly natural
and it has a full set of furniture to go with it.
they have to be put together as they are part of a kit.

Super fun for a little girl or a 41yr old to play
with like me!

I hope you have a great weekend
Phil went across to the remote lodge to open it up
with my Dad and brother.
they are coming back tomorrow
just in time to go to dinner at Acapulco
and see Veronica and celebrate Fathers Day.

My Mom has Mimi for the day.
 she went with
Phil earlier this morning .
she had packed her bag the night before
determined she was going with them to see the fox!

so this spells out I'm with my boys and it's peaceful
they really leave you alone as they get older.

Happy Fathers Day
and have a great weekend!


  1. I love your little mouse house, Heidi. Enjoy your beautiful peaceful day. Blessings always, Diane

  2. Lovely house! The mice look very happy! How great to have a quite house. I am at Barnes & Noble to get some quite ;)
    Happy weekend!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. That is adorable! What a cute little mouse family. I love dolls houses, I never had one as a little girl but used to set up my dressing table to be the dolls grand mansion & play there for hours every day...oh the sweet memories...

  4. What a gorgeous colour for a doll house! Great find!

  5. Such a cute mouse house!

    In answer to your question on my blog I am doing WW, I've been doing it on and off for years and find it's the easiest "diet" as you can eat what you like as long as you plan it properly.

    Victoria x

  6. Oh my your mouse house is so cute. I like the childrens jadeite, and depression glass dishes in your other post! so cute! I just got a adult size pink depression glass jug and it makes me soooooooooooo happy!

    I am going to visit you more on your blog, see ya!

  7. Oh how lovely! Having all boys and never being able to indulge in buying girls toys, the only thing for it, to have grown up versions of tea parties, dress up and playing house! ha ha! xxxxx

  8. That's a pretty dollshouse...& those mice are just the sweetest.

  9. I personally think the 40's is the PERFECT age to play with doll houses!!!