Friday, June 4, 2010

whats up, its just a yard sale

Now Phil and I were not quite this hip at are yard sale but we did good as did my other friends. The best is seeing all my regulars!!!!

I don't have a garage like this lovely lady, is one shot of my yard sale,

I have to share Amanda had stopped by with these wigs for Mimi, they were left over from her yard sale. Cory who's ten had on a gray curly wig and Mimi looked like Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch in her blond wig and they were goofing around in these wigs just being KIDS.....and this crab told Mimi to move away because she could not concentrate, its a yard sale for heavens sake! now disrespect I don't tolerate but kids being kids is precious.  They played with those wigs for hours.   Too funny Oh one more thing I had a stack of bright colored enamelware bowls big ones and I had a $1 a piece on them and this lady asked and I told her and she huffed her way back and set them down as if I insulted her....What up, isn't that cheap?


  1. Hilarious! People can be so odd. No need for the grumps at a yard sale!!

  2. I tried to enlarge your garage sale picture so I could take a good look at everything - even though I hope it was all sold. People can be pains sometimes at garage sales and sometimes they can add so much joy to the day.
    At a garage sale I had once a guy offered Leonard $5.00 for a pair of boots. "Sure", Leonard said. The guy had been trying them on and he just sat there. I thought he didn't hear Leonard so I said "he said he'd take $5.00". The guy said "I heard him, I was just wondering if I offered him too much!" Hope you made money. Diane

  3. Say it isn't so! You had a yard sale and I missed it? I hate it when that happens. :(