Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Old and new finds

The Mimi here is definitely an old treasure,
 look at that wild look in her eye!!!

the treasures my Mom found me the little owl shelf for a $1
I love it and while Lynn was here I found that sweet door Knocker.

Last year I thrifted that Red purse I still love it!
and how lovely is that tier stand that Amanda gave me
I have taken it to school filled with cupcakes
I love those pieces that can just keep getting moved around the house
with new uses!!!!
Little ted canvas has inspired me today I'm going to finish some of my redo's
and I'll post them tomorrow!


  1. Cute things, Heidi. I love things like that too that move all over the place, baskets are like that, and so are some tables. My husband doesn't like me to move anything in the kitchen - it's supposed to stay in the same place forever. Poor guy - it's awful when you can't ever find the steak knives. Heehee Hope you're days going just great.

  2. Fabulous goodies!

    Let me know if you make some granola!

    Victoria xx

  3. YAY!! Have a fun day getting busy! I love that sweet pink tray with the pretty gold trim edge...is it a tray? It's beautiful...and look at that cheeky grin hiding under there, cute..

  4. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations to the winner of your lovely vintage gifts! Thank you for mentioning my name as well!! Love your finds. Especially the tier plate. Your daughter looks sweet and naughty and the same time :-)!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. GREAT!!! I love your treasures!
    Hugs, Lisa