Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I thank you, Miss Loved

What to wear, what to wear, I finally decided on this dress
to wear while I except my award from
formerly Little Ted Canvas
and now
now she is stylish.
I have loved her blog and her incredible work
for quite awhile now and it was so sweet
of her to think of silly little me!

I'm suppose to share 7 things about myself

so here goes
1. when I was in 5th grade we moved
from Seattle to Minnesota and lived on a
dairy farm and in 7th grade I told my teacher
proudly that I would not be needing an education
just to haul manure the rest of my life.
Thank God I'm still not hauling manure.....
2. I always told my friends that I wanted to meet Mr. right
and pop out kids like a pack of Rolo's.
Dear God it took 5 years in between each of our 3 kids
so I would be in my 70's if I had finished like
a pack of Rolo's as planned.

3.in High school I had my appendix removed
and you know where that scar is don't you
well on the farm the neighbor man came over with a box of chocolate
for me and I pulled my pants down to show him my scar
not all the way, you should have seen his face
good Lord, what was I thinking.
Poor Mr. Prigge

4.on my first date the boy opened the door for me
and I opened the other door and walked through.
5.When my Mom told my sister and I that we were going
to have a brother or sister. My sister was 11 and I was 10
I asked if Dad knew. Look at what kids know today at that age,
I was a bit of a late bloomer though.
6.In high school I use to arm wrestle the city boys and beat them
until a girlfriend told me no boy wants to date a girl who's stronger
than they are so I stopped.
7. when I was a senior in high school we moved back to Seattle
where I met Mrs. Smodiez and she wore Poison perfume
and always wore a dress or skirt.
I wanted to be just like her and she changed me into a girlie girl
in a very big way.
I hope that I did not bore you too death....

now I get to pick who I pass the award on to so here goes....

1.Posie patchwork
I could have chosen so many more but here
are 10.....

I had to share our middle son Cory
I don't know how he does it but he sits on his
narrow foot board like a bird perched.
playing his game. kids


  1. love your show and tell mrs
    you are a right character, hoorah
    and hoorah
    thanks for the nomo!
    trouble is what to tell...

  2. Oh I love your story :o)
    Thanks a lot for the award...now I have to think about what to tell ;o)
    And yes I had a very bad cold before I can't hear anything but the otitis media came after that. It's complicated ;o) I honored that you help a hand if you would live closer ;o) Thanks *smile*
    Hugs & liefs

  3. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations on your award!!! You had me LOL. You were quite something :-)! That dress looks super!!!!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  4. Ha, ha - love your 7 facts - very good! How did you get to Alaska, though? You look wonderful in your spotty dress ;)

  5. I love your '7'. Isn't it funny the things that stand out in our memory?..My favorite is the life lesson of arm wrestling.

  6. Thanks so much Heidi. Its always a nice way to get to know you better.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!! ive been following these posts, i love the little snippet of someones stories.

  8. That did make me laugh. Love number two especially.

  9. Fun things to learn about you, Heidi. Diane

  10. LOL...love your 7 facts i did have a little smile at your humour ;-)) I have to say i love those 2 suitcases especialy the poka dot one..lovely ;-)) Dee x

  11. I LOVED reading this, thanks so much for sharing! I do love #5, whatever happened to that kind of innocence, it's precious..x

  12. Oh yes...I love that dress...congratulations .xox

  13. Made me smile and laugh out loud. I have a feeling you have a lot more yet to share. Congratulations on your award!!!

  14. Oh how cool, you nominated moi, yippee!! Love you Heidi & Happy Australia Day to you in Alaska!!
    Love all those things about you, i loved high school, it was pure joy for me, i was not rough but a tom boy at heart, my sister was super girlie & i eventually found a nice balance between looking cute in a dress but knowing my way around firearms. Love Posie

  15. Oh just remembered, when i met my girlfriend Abigail, i said i wanted so many children they may as well just put a zip in me!! Funnily enough, they came out naturally, i'm more of a speedy breeder, 4 in 4 years. Love Posie