Friday, January 7, 2011

My sweet Posie friend....

I received in the mail yesterday the sweetest gift,
a totally unexpected surprise.
This lovely recycled book given new life as a

amazing and the paper is tree free.

See how sweet ...and
personalized just for me
and yes, Heidi does have some children!
My neighbor Carol was telling me that it was
a book about Heidi as a mother.
a sequel to the original children's story.
Such sweet illustrations

with more goodies....
She just blew me away
what a sweetie
and she has more on her plate than
anyone I know
she is just a special
very funny
Check her lovely blog
out and all her
beautiful items for sale!


  1. That is the sweetest gift. I am off to check out your special friend's blog.

  2. What a wonderful idea and great gift! Diane

  3. What an original, cute idea - I bet you were thrilled!

  4. oh that is so adorable! what a great idea! I love old book illustrations.

  5. Hej Heidi

    What a wonderful gift to special, and the kindness of lovelu friends just blows you aways...
    Will go and checkout your friends blog and even better things for ears pricked up lol!

    Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom :D

  6. awww what a beautiful gift. Friends are just simply the best. ;-)) Dee x

  7. I adore your new journal! Did Posie make it herself? Has she used some of the pretty pages mixed in with plain ones for writing on? I remember reading that book years ago, I bet my mother still has it. I couldn't pull it apart though, never! Enjoy your new presents, they are beautiful.

  8. OH my pleasure & yes, some goodies for your MiMi too. The books are made by an Australian company called Born Again Books who gather up old books & breathe new life into them, rebinding them & adding plain recycled pages for your writing pleasure. They keep any original price tags, inscriptions, drawings, scribbles etc, gorgeous. They are spiral bound & they repurpose the spines as book marks. Genius!! So thrilled you love it Heidi, couldn't have sent it to a more special girl. Love Posie

  9. That Posie is quite amazing! I think there must be a dozen of her because she achieves so much and pops up everywhere!

    Heidi, you're a lovely thing, and what goes around comes around.

  10. That's an awesome gift! Perfect for you.

  11. What a sweet blessing...I must pop over and visit her.

    I always love the story of Heidi

    Weekend hugs to you my friend. xooxo