Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our poor Baby!

Poor George gave us quite a scare this week
he just started acting all goofy and we could not figure
out what was wrong
finally we stuck a flashlight in his
mouth and we found a stick stuck in his throat.
I didn't even know he had been chewing on it
he must have picked it up when he was outside.
so scary,
your kids can tell you how they feel
and communicate.
He has been getting the Royal treatment!!
Has any of your dogs ever done this?


  1. Poor baby! I'm glad you figured it out. We know someone who's dog got an infection in it's mouth and come to find out it was a big splinter from chewing on a stick and it got wedged in the gums and infected..ouch!

  2. never had a dog.
    par contre, i once had a fish bone stuck in my throat when i was a kid, and my godfather, i think, pulled it out, or something. or it melted? i didn't get no royal treatment neither.

  3. We have a cat so..... Hope George feels better.

  4. Best wishes to George. I don't have a dog either.

  5. George looks like a Poodle I once had ... I'm glad to hear he's ok.

    Dogs ... they can drive you nuts because you love them as much as people. I'm looking at Noodle the Poodle as I type ... bloody dogs making us worry.

    (Mental Note: Find a tutu for Noodle.)

  6. awwwww bless x your sooo right- animals cant explain, all you can do is notice the changes in their moods. i do remember a friends dog getting splinters stuck...pooor thing- soft toy from now on hehe ;0)x

  7. Oh poor George! Wish him all the best!!!

  8. Poor George - glad you found out what it was. Er - is he wearing a tutu in that photo?!

  9. Oh George!! Our German Shepherds have never done the stick-down-the-throat thing, but they did always carry sticks like a cigar, not an across-the-mouth normal doggie thing?? So it's small wonder, you stop your children from doing it. We did take a very strangely behaving puppy to the vet for an emergency suspected broken leg - he had broken a nail, no kidding, one tiny snip of the nail clippers & 85. ARGH!! Trust me, vets are paid to 'listen' to their patients, that is why they charge so much, love Posie

  10. Poor little Georgie..hope he wasn't in too much pain.
    Glad to hear he is getting lots of cuddles... We get so attached to these little creatures.

  11. Oh poor George! At least you were able to discover what was wrong

    Victoria xx

  12. Not a stick but our dog ate some crayons once and had an allergic reaction,total panic...but luckily he was fine, glad your little George is ok and just wanted to say thanks for all your lovely comments..they are much appreciated :)
    Have a lovely week
    Jane x x x

  13. OUCH!

    Hey I was thinking as I was rading my posts, I haven't heard from Heidi...well I don't know what I did THIS TIME...but I guess I had been messing around with my blog roll and I lost you.. I am so sorry. I was like'where is she" and then I felt horrible thinking you probably thought I ditched you... WEll I did not get rid of you intentionally.

    I gotta stop changing, and rearranging things when I am bored because I have a feeling I have lost others too.....


  14. Poor George, I'm glad he's better, you had the presence of mind to check his throat. He might have died! Chicken bones, all bones, in fact, are forbidden at our house. One of our little dogs almost choked to death on a piece of meat. Have a good day, kiss George for me. Diane

  15. Hi, Heidi - (you know in Uk in the 80s there was a TV sitcom called "Hi-de-hi!", set in a holiday camp - I always think of that when I think of you!) - my spotty cloth was vintage - about 1950s I should think - very soft material :) Hope George is Ok. Just off to the movies (oooh, George!) x

  16. He is absolutely DARLING!
    Enjoy this last day of January xxxx

  17. Your alfresco dining post was a hoot. Our temps today are 3C but they have been 9-10C all week. which is 37 on the low or 50 ...what are yours?

  18. wow...that is fightful....I think I would of been to scared to remove it...glad he is doing well and is getting the royal treatment my friend. xoxoxo Hugs.

  19. awww poor little thing, a good job you found it. He is so cute, dee x

  20. Oh my gosh, that is so scary! Thankfully I haven't seen that happen...