Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oOOps I almost did it again!!!

Happy Birthday Pops
Here he is with his older brother Donald
who passed away this last August.
I can't believe I almost forgot again,
I talked to my parents 3 times
and then I caught it....Phew!
Happy Birthday, Dad
It was so cold today that my blouse in my
closet was froze to the wall!!


  1. Hej Heidi

    What lovely photo's!
    ILOVE your patchwork quilt I spy ;-)
    Hope your Dad had a lovely birthday.
    How cold is it in Alaska now...?
    The Bush radio, is repro and I saw it supermarket in UK called Sainsbury's about 3 years ago...it was the best £20 I ever spent.
    Everyone comments on it!
    When I was a child I remember my grandfather used have an original one...sat on a little table beside his armchair...I used to listen to the radio with him. I often wonder what actually happened to it?
    Sadly, I can't ask my Mum...
    Glad you like it ;-)
    Keep Warm my friend

  2. OMG that is cold!! Happy Birthday to your dad x

  3. But you didn't...Yay!! Hope your dad has a great birthday. Is Mimi helping him open packages? That's cold, stay warm! Diane

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad from ridiculously hot Australia!

    I like a man who can hold a drink in one hand and unwrap Christmas presents with the other! That alone deserves many more birthdays to come!

    (Frozen shirt made me laugh)

  5. Phew, glad you didn't miss another parent's birthday!! Frozen blouse? Yikes, that's cold!!

  6. Awww Happy birthday to your lovely dad, Dee x

  7. Wow, that was a close one! Yikes that really would have been bad...Was your blouse really frozen to the wall?

    Happy Birthday to your dad!

  8. What are we going to do with you Heidi!!!

    Victoria xxx

  9. Happy Birthday Pops! Priceless picture of him and his brother. Too cute! Too many birthday's in January huh? Warm up that blouse, I'll see you tomorrow. I'll try to make lunch. :)

  10. Was it seriously?!! How cold is your house? I think maybe you need a birthday calendar. This cannot continue! Is your head full of lots of other stuff at the moment?

  11. I bet your mummy was giggling after you forgot her recently too. Happy birthday in your household, love Posie

  12. i guess you have to be thankful you weren't in it at the time x...

  13. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations to your father! I hope he had a lovely day?! It looks like he got lot's of present. It must be cold in Alaska when your blouse freezes!! It's mild in Holland at the moment. I hope it will stay this way. We could use a bit of sunshine though!!

    Happy wednsesday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. you are to die for?
    will get back to you on mail, gimme some time.
    first things first (and i'm a-wandering...)