Monday, January 3, 2011

A Tiny Dress and maybe little Heidi

Well at least this is the plan .
My Mom heard about
this 17 day plan.
the dreaded word(diet)
I'm just looking for all my clothes to fit again
Maybe a little smaller
Not quite this small.
I love these storybook characters
this one is called
Little Miss Heidi.

maybe if I had ate tinier portions through
the holidays
or used doll sized dishes this
would not be a problem!
I made the decision to except my flaws this year
but when you can't
breath in a waist band
It's not this bad yet
I switched to elastic pants.
and I just

I had big plans to come out today and pound
in all the nails we left half out
when we took off the siding.
Since I'm lacking my nutrients this first day
and the kids finally went back to school
except Cory stayed home
with me
I decided to just take it

Do any of you feel sluggish to?

I have to say I enjoyed every bite.....
so it was worth it!
I thought I'd show you what we were going
to start now that I closed my store
connect the two buildings and we will have a
more room,
can't wait!


  1. I thought my hippie comment might be offensive....but they used to hang out at the park on blankets and drink beer. They would be playing guitar.

    My mother would just leave me at the park to swing..I am terrified of hippies. With all that bushy hair and finge...gag.

  2. Oh and just so you know that kids kitchen is the bomb...where in the heck did you score that?

  3. I love your little things ... they are so lovely to look at and examine!

    You're going to have so much more room when you connect the two houses! Incredibly exciting.

    Don't worry too much about dieting ... I like you the way you are! Accessories are the key!

  4. I must lose some weight also...Mine has been creeping up for awhile now, it has to go. I basically have decided to do smaller portions and cut out bad carbs(boring). Now I just have to 'Do It'!

  5. By the time you and your husband get all that work done on the house you'll be right back in shape. But don't fall down on that ice!!! Diane

  6. ohhhh i adore your red dresser 50s? and all the beautiful things you have on her. And the little dress is adorable to. Dont worry about eating to much we all do it over the christmas period ;-) When you feel it the right time just reduce your portion size again ;-) Good luck with your projects. Dee x

  7. i find it hard to accept the new bigger me but realise that i ain't 25 no more! hell life is too short to obsess over a few kilos; as long as it isn't detrimental to our health. just be...

  8. Oh, that little red dresser is fab - love it! You're going to have so much space! Brilliant! Look forward to seeing the progress. We love our new extension. Abby

  9. Cute little red dresser!

    I think Winter tends to do that to a person. Leaves you feeling sluggish. (or just too cozy to move?)

    Sounds like you have lots of home plans. And with all that work you wont need to diet. (Oooo hate that word.)

    Look forward to seeing the home improvement progress!

    MBB x

  10. I feel your pain Heidi! I'm joining a gym tomorrow!!!

    Victoria xxx

  11. wow! that's interesting, the connexion!
    i want to wish you good luck on the word(diet).
    don't starve yourself, though!