Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last Saturday while sitting at Sylvia's

in a Magazine I read an article
on Marimekko.

I use to sell Marimekko sheets over 20 years
ago at my first job with Pacific Linen.

I loved them then and I still love there bold prints today!

Bright and cheery prints

With a whole lot of funk!

So Cute....

This dress is so sweet.

I love this for Mimi.
Check out their amazing webite
for more fun items.

Saturday night was Amanda's annual swap party.
this was my treasure that I brought home.
I came down with my once a year terrible flu
so I really didn't get to take a look at it till yesterday
and found out it was a child's caplet!
No wonder it was a little snug...
Mimi loves it!!!


  1. Your Mimi is so cute, very photogenic! So glad you are feeling better.

  2. I love Marimekko stuff - as you say, fab colours and designs. Your little one looks v cool in her new cape :) Hope you're feeling OK now.

  3. Veronica Delgado ArandaJanuary 18, 2011 at 9:44 AM

    Mimi looks adorable!!!

  4. You aren't THAT old, Heidi!! Mimi is a great model and she looks delighted with her new capelet. This is funky stuff, colorful. Hope you're feeling MUCH better! Diane

  5. Sorry to hear you have been poorly. Wow what crazy super designs and patterns,very 60's. I have never heard of them before so thank you for making me aware now, i will check them out ;-)) Have a lovely week, Dee x

  6. germs! hope you are feeling better. 'm' looks sooo cute in the cape, great swap me thinks. and ,like you, love these designs. (hope all is great in the wild west, the last frontier!)...x

  7. nice snap of your mimi...!
    marimekko is so timeless, i prefer their unassuming design to the boldness, still very lover-ly.

  8. What a gorgeous little capelet, she does nlook happy wearing it too!

  9. I hope you get better soon, Heidi.

    Capelet is lovely and a great score for Mimi.

    I could go Marimekko crazy ... all over the house ... it's one area where overkill is not enough!

  10. Sorry to hear about the frozen blouse, I can't imagine that as it is so hot & humid here.
    Glad you remembered your Dad's birthday.
    Marimekko is a favourite of mine, such simple shapes & gorgeous bold design.I'm in love with their current crockery.
    Hope all's well up North.