Saturday, January 8, 2011

This was a Doozie all right

I'm the cute blond in the story.
I have had a crazy week.
from the kids begging to stay home from school each day
and I have given in twice.
Mimi not being able to find a thing to wear each morning
the poor dear!!
we are working on orders.
So yesterday was my poor Mom's birthday
and I missed it. I talked to her all day
and my Dad finally said could you
wish your Mother a
Happy Birthday!

Hence the constant Donkey references
have any of you done this?
I feel terrible.
I would have thrown a lean meat and salad
(she is on the diet with me)

But she spent it on the beach alone with Pop's.
She is coming up today so we will make it up to her!
I may never live this one down....
Happy Belated Birthday
BON BON !!!!!!


  1. that is so humiliating...a friend is one thing...but the parental....oooh boy I feel bad for you. I have done that to my kid!

    I feel for you because it makes you feel like such a donkey?...

    oh boy I am afraid you will not live it down, You will just have to celelbrate everyday!

    I am going to send your dear mum a hug through the airwaves up north for her **hugs****.

    ** happy birhtday mum***

    even if you don't know me.

  2. I think it was better you were talking to her that day for no other reason than shes your mom, rather than because it was her birthday....thats what makes a true mom and daughter relationship. Tell her she can be your Queen and have another birthday in the summer, just like our Queen has two birthdays, the real one and the state one.

  3. Oh Boy! I love your dad's comment! What a crack up. All you can do is apologize and carry on. Try to enjoy today! Happy Belated Bonnie!

  4. Oh Dear, I really feel for you! I made this mistake once, on my parents Wedding Anniversary! Chatting away to my mom and it wasn't until I spoke to my sister and she mentioned it! I felt sooo bad for forgetting, mom was fine about it though!
    I'm sure you'll make it up to her!
    Rachel x

  5. HEJ Heidi

    Oh these things happen sometimeS...your Dad cracked me up..." Could you wish your Mum A Happy Birthday". I am sure you are forgiven, the wonderful daughter you are :D
    Have a lovely time with your Mum, spoil her wrotten!

  6. Mine`s forgot my birthday - once! It was my Mum`s birthday yesterday too - she was 80 so we COULDN`T forget - she wouldn`t let us! Hope you get to redeem yourself.

  7. You probably feel worse about this than she does. I always mention that my birthday is coming up so there is no fear of it being forgotten.

  8. have a good slim smoothie over this, and you'll both loose all that... weight (off your shoulders?)....

  9. I like what Amanda said, that at least you talked to her off and on that day, just because you're a good daughter and you and her have a good relationship. That isn't going to change. I'm sure she understands. I love that last picture - wow!! Diane

  10. That's really funny especially with the photos. I'm sure she just thought it was funny really, I would have. She knows what you would have done if you had remembered, she'll forgive you. At least your mum knows how much you love her, you are just so busy at the moment.

  11. Hi Heidi,

    Congratulations to your mother! Just must have been very busy! I wish you both a Happy day today :-)!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief xox

  12. Oh no! Happy Birthday to your Mum ... she's allowed to forget yours this year.

    Sometmes everything else gets in the way, and we just forget things.


  13. Oh my lovely, my mother has Alzheimer's so i think about her ALL the time. I can't forget her birthday, would set a terrible example to her!! I've done it to my sister though, all the time & she NEVER forgets!!
    The donkeys are cute, heehaw.
    All i can say about dressing children for school is in Australia we have uniforms & i am forever grateful that my fashionistas have a set uniform to wear every day!! Ah, love Posie

  14. Oh happens to the best of us my is just too crazy at times! I am sure your sweet mom will forgive you and your day with her will be special...hugs and love.

  15. Oh you poor thing. I would feel terrible too. But I'm sure your Mum is as lovely as you and will completely understand. Have a happy day. x

  16. I unfortunately miss birthdays way too often :( but make it up for her good!! :)

  17. Kisses and regards from Croatia, Zondra Art

  18. Congrats to you mum, maybe I (from afar) can make it up to her in your name! Love the photos!

  19. oops but hey s°°t happens!! your mum will understand i am sure. i have never missed a parents birthday but as for the rest i am top dog donkey. worry not 'h'...

  20. Oh dear!!! I forgot a few birthdays in December with all the Christmas stuff going on!

    Victoria xx

  21. awww bless you at the end of the day you are human and not super women, your mum will understand i am sure especialy being a mum herself she will understand the demands of everyday mummy life. I hope you have a lovely day together. Dee x