Friday, January 21, 2011

Who can Resist a Happy Face!!!

Who can resist My happy face?
This is what I have been telling my parents
Because I could not get them off the beach.
I had been giving them a hard time.
so they brought me pictures of what the beach looks
like right now,
I have not been down there for a month or so.

they have to go by 4-wheeler for about a 1/4 mile
over all this ice on the beach to get up to the main road.

See the waters edge total ice right to the tide line.

all this ice is caused by natural springs that run off the bluff.
Should I cut them some slack!


  1. Hi Heidi,

    Your beach looks beautiful, but not very inviting this time of year!! You would not get me there either!!!! Far too cold!

    Your parcels has not arrived yet. I hope the doorbell will ring everyday, with the postman standing in the doorway with your parcel, but alas. I will just have to be a bit more patient :-)!

    Happy weekend to you all! Oh, before I forget, love your new header!

    Lieve groet, Madelief xox

  2. And what a happy little face that it!

    Wow, what a beach! Looks amazing, but as Madelief said, I think looking at the pictures rather than being there is best! he he! chilly chilly!!!!!!!!

    Also loving the new header too!

    Have a super weekend!!!!!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. WOW!!!!! Amazing pics! Yes, cut them some slack indeed, girl! You live in a harsh environment.

  4. oh that looks so cold! I'm sure the beauty of it the rest of the year makes up for it. They're rugged individuals aren't they. Diane

  5. i LOVE the word bluff... reminds me of a anita shreve, probably, hm, sea glass, or fortune's rocks....
    ooooooh, but that looks cold, though?

  6. stunning not at all like the beach here at dunkerque! but way too cold for this wimp. jolly big smiley weekend to you...

  7. Hej Heidi

    A nice HAPPY FACE :D I love it!
    My goodness we really are twins lol!
    I knew you would like the blue hen house SNAP!
    In fact Jon says to me that I only want chickens so that I can have a hen house to pretty up lol! and I would be nailing up enamel signs like 'FRESHLY LAID EGGS' I said you sure it wouldn't say 'HEN PECKED' hehehe! We did laugh :D
    Your parent's beach is...eerily beautiful. Last Easter we went to a little fishing village about 1 1/2 hours drive from was on the Baltic coast. It fascinated me...the sea was completely frozen!!!! and we had gone from wearing a cardigan and temps dropping by more than 12 degrees to wearing ski-jacket hat n gloves...madness.
    Do your parents live on an island?
    Do they have neighbours or are they quite isolated? What about you too?
    Have a great weekend!
    Don't work too hard

  8. I've never seen a beach like that! Alaska is an amazing State.

    No bikinis on that beach this time of year, I'm guessing.

  9. Wow amazing pictures, i have never seen a beach like that with snow, thats just amazing. Dee x

  10. He he he, very VERY different to Australian beaches. Are you seeing them on Oprah?? We're so lucky, says me who lives in the ONLY inland capital city, 3 hours from the ocean. Love Posie

  11. I've never ever seen a frozen beach before! How amazing looking. Oh and I did enjoy your houses last time - so clever. Not sure about the one in the iceberg!

  12. Goodness, what stunning photographs. So glad I popped by and saw those.
    I've also enjoyed your strange house selection - how brilliant are those!

  13. I've never seen it before, amazing photo's.
    Have a nice weekend,

  14. cool photos! Icy cold, though :-)

    Have a nice week, Heidi!