Monday, January 10, 2011

Were off to a Great Start.....

This bright Monday morning...well not yet bright.
While my princess was still sleeping...

I found last night she had laid her clothes all out
for this morning....
this had been a problem everyday last week!

Look at this little steal the show guy
he had to get in on it!
Oh George

Can you guess who?
I wonder if my Mom had the same trouble getting us dressed?

My mushroom collection begins!

I hope your week is off to a great start too!


  1. the pup just wanted her to take him with :)

  2. cute princess, cute dog & mushrooms and cute photo of you? which one are you? have a great week 'h'...

  3. Hej Heidi

    Bless her...what an Angel and soo organised!
    Wish me luck for Wednesday...boys are back to school with a 6am start & bus now arrives 5 mins time-table grr...which means 0705!!
    I don't know how we are all going to wake-up after a 3 week holiday and very very late nights like 2am in the morning. HELP!
    Love the this the sproutings of new collection. I will keep you in mind & send some your way if I pick-up any here.
    Just to let you know, if you need to check with your post people your end...the packet hasn't arrived... YET! Always optimistic, did you put your address on the back? It may turn up back with you...
    Have a good week Heidi
    I will let you know how we survived or NOT!

  4. Maybe you should George let himself dress or choosing clothes too! What a wonderful girl your princess is! Love the mushrooms! I feel another collection coming....( today I discovered that I have an entire box of mushroom ornaments--->happy!, so I guess I have a great start too!)

  5. I love that rug too! What a sweet & very organised little princess you have. I hope this good start is just the beginning...

  6. Isn't she cute trying to be organised. Poor little thing!


    I saw a lot of mushrooms on Etsy the other day and thought of you!

    I hope that collection 'mushrooms'! Love the little wooden lady at the top!

  7. awww bless george you have to smile ;-)) Those mushrooms make you smile to they remind me of summer days walking through the fields and the woods. Have a lovely day, Dee x

  8. She's just getting to be a very organized little girl. George is just trying to help. Amanda always used to dress our dogs up - maybe that's what George wants, too. Your pretty things are so cute. Hope your week is super. Diane

  9. What a sweetheart wanting to have everyhting ready to go...Are you collecting mushrooms of all kinds? I'd love to keep my eye out for any special ones for you.

  10. what a great morning!!! Bring on the mushrooms!

    Hugs for a wonderful week...xoxo

  11. Love the mushrooms, they are super cute!!!! As soon as I saw them they made me smile. I will look for more mushrooms for you when I go to Seattle!!!!

  12. hm....
    little princess growing up, maybe?
    sneak up on her like that to take that picture....