Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whats on your wishlist....

These are the things on my wish list
now it may take 20 years to finish my list....
but I would love a couple
Anthropologie chairs.
That darn elusive Chesterfield couch.
My beloved Mora clock.

a large over scale floor mirror

Antique Scandinavian wedding trunk

French crystal chandelier

A beautiful tile European fireplace

I love these style tables

and a Aga stove!
whats on your list?


  1. I'm building a French glass chandelier one piece of glass at a time! I'll do a post about it again one of these days, as I've put a few more pieces on recently... I love your wishlist. I'll have to think about what's on mine!

  2. Oh is that all?!! They are all rather nice pieces but I do love the first chair most of all. The colours are fabulous!

  3. I like the chair and the mirrors, but not keen on the other stuff, so if I see them anywhere I'll get them for you, ha, ha.... I'd like some stylish garden furniture :)

  4. Great minds, I'm toying about buying one of the large mirrors at the moment!!

    Victoria xx

  5. What a list! That is one lovely Aga...

  6. Beautiful things, I will agree, I love the picture of the chair in the back of the car. My wish list.............I'll have to think about that. Probably has to do with the computer. Diane

  7. ooohhhh i love the chair in your first photo thats lush ;-)) And the big floor mirror and chandelier lovely. I don't know what i would wish for really to be honest, but i am looking for something vintage to go above my bed i dont know what yet but when i see it i will know ;-)) My bedroom is my unfinshed room. Its lovely to have a wish list. Have a lovely week, Dee x

  8. Oh yes,...the elusive Chesterfield indeed. Wouldn't that be a treat to run across at a sale. I daydream about turning down a side street and seeing a cardboard box sign with Estate Sale scribbled on it. I go in and the place is full of things I want. I ask, "What are you asking for that ...(fill in the blank)? And they say,"That old piece of junk Chesterfield of Auntie Ida' about $10.00?"...That's what is on my wishlist!

  9. What a great wish list...I spy a few things I would like from it...those chairs and sofa!!!

    Hugs my sweet friend. xoxo

  10. So funny, are you sure you don't have my list. I can't believe how similar we are! I absolutely love the blue Mora clock and I have been looking for a floor sized mirror. I gave up on finding a nice chandelier. I ended up making my own! I will have to post it. Wow's good to dream!