Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mushrooms anyone...

I just can't help my self with these little cuties..
how sweet

I can just see a mushroom tree in my future!


He is adorable

For my Mid Century fix !
My first day of 2011
Phil and I took 3 hours and
worked out in the wind
but our temps were in the high 30's yesterday
and pulled all the siding off in between the buildings.
It felt so good to start with connecting the 2 buildings
I'll show pictures along the way.


  1. Hej Heidi

    I LIKE it I LIKE it I LIKE with your flaws...LOVE you just the way you are...I don't believe in NEW YEAR resolutions...but it's always nice to wipe the page clean and start afresh and grow in an 'organic sort of way' warts an all...or the clip on's, yep you definitely need a mushroom tree...
    YOU don't hang about...
    look forward to seeing your progress on your exciting renovations.
    Happy New January days...

  2. Happy new Year Heidi!
    Love the mushrooms!So cute!
    Don't give up on the crochet! You will do it, if I can you can, keep at it!
    Rachel x

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  4. Hey Heidi,
    Be sure to let us know when you're ready for us to pick up our shelves. I still have to make room in the house for them but can store them in the shop until then. Happy New Year!!!

  5. I'd love you to have a mushroom tree. Too cute.

    And I'm excited about seeing you connect the two buildings ... I'm guessing they're your house and your old shop? Are you going to make one big house? You could hold 'dating' parties for the people from your church! Ha.

  6. Ooh, those little red mushroom clips are so sweet!! Look forward to seeing pics of your building-joining! Abby x

  7. Wow that work sounds exciting! Poor you in that heat though, must be so draining. Great time to start your renovation, at the beginning of a new year. I hope it goes well.

    I adore those photos! Mushrooms are just the cutest and so is that little house.

  8. Speaking from an `old Hippie` perspective....I love your mushrooms! Keep on `shrooming`, Heidi, it`s who you are.

  9. Love all of the favorite is the one that looks like a little purse.

  10. I love your mushrooms, too, Heidi. I'm looking forward to watching your remodeling. Diane

  11. Ohh i love the mushroom bag ;-) Happy new year to you, enjoy your projects. Dee x

  12. Loving the mushrooms!
    ★ Happy New Year ! ★
    May all your dreams come true

  13. Oh I love the mushrooms...just found you!!! So happy I did...your blog is lovely.

    Monday hugs. xoxox

  14. is that last image a stool? i love it!