Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stinkpot jinxed me!

After I commented on Amanda's post
that I had not had a moose in my yard
for along time.
I have had one to two visitors every day since...

I kept talking to him till he finally turned to look at me.

of course from my dining room window.
The last 2 days I have had a Momma and her young one.
My Dad was commenting on how such a large animal can survive
all winter as cold as it is on a diet of wood.
That's all they eat, all winter.
My picture is not that great, sorry.
Check out Amanda's at
They have a gift that runs in the family
check out her Mom's blog too!
She always amazes me
I need to get out more!!!


  1. All they eat is wood? Really?

    We used to see moose in Alberta, when we lived there. A cow lived in the trees on the next farm.

    My husband is a lover of moos and would be so stoked to have a moose in his yard.

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Wow, to have a moose in your backyard! There are only a few people who can say that. In the city centre of Rotterdam I certainly can't :-)! We only have some city cats overhere.

    Please don't worry about the parcel. I am sure it will arrive!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. wildlife such as this is just bonkers! (i saw a mouse the other day)...x

  4. Oh Heidi! I want one,..please send me one oh these cute moose ;o) I love moose..that's why I always travel to Scandinavia ;o) To see one of the giants of the woods ;o)
    Oh, you make my day with these pictures...and my boys want to live in Alaska now *smile*
    Have a nice evening!

  5. Wonderful. I'll be singing this all day now....theres a moose, loose, around this hoose! Just google it or youtube it, typical quaint (nutty) Scottish song. Only it was a mouse, not a moose!

  6. WOW, That is a huuuge beast in your backyard! Amazing!
    Rachel x

  7. Oh Heidi
    Lucky you!
    Great photo's and what a view you had.
    I've only seen Moose up at the summer house.
    And crossing the road ...I've always been in the car, and not very close up.
    How lovely ;-)

  8. O WOW a mooose in your garden ;-)) that is amazing what a beautiful sight that must be. Only live on wood those poor poor animals bless them. Enjoy them. Dee x

  9. I love your moose! You must have a nice camera as those are pretty nice wildlife photos.

  10. You're so nice, Heidi. Great shots of the moose. It looks like it's pretty close to your house. Be careful when you go outside at night. Diane

  11. can't imagine having a moose passing in the yard, but i'd certainly be in awe... and maybe a little scared too.

  12. Wow Heidi that is pretty amazing... We have snakes, & lizards & wild brush turkeys etc but I can't imagine look out the window & seeing an animal so huge... Do they frighten you & have you ever been outdoors & approached by one?

  13. Moose! I think I'd be petrified! Do they run away or chase you?