Thursday, January 20, 2011

A liitle Fun...

How cool is this house

and can you just imagine
the people who would live in these houses

this one is my favorite

this one, no thanks

ships ahoy.
Thank you Amanda
for my fabulous new headers
I let Phil pick this one wait till you see them all....
so excited!
It's 12 above today so another thing to be thankful for
a little heat wave!


  1. First of all, your new header is beautiful and I love the font on it, especially done in the red. Some of those houses are amazing, I wonder if the woman who lived in the shoe really did have so many children! I like the idea of the house on the iceberg but not sure of its practicality and lifespan, given that the ice caps are melting! I love your favourite too - it`s like one of those little houses from The Hobbit. Thanks for sharing Heidi.

  2. love the header love the grounded boat; now there is an idea for an alternative dwelling in the sunshine. yeah baby...

  3. Your new header is Fabulous! Amanda does nice work.

    I want that boat, but I want it in the water, it is a beauty. The rest are very interesting, just wondering how that tree house is held up. My favorite is the little one with the round door..can you just picture it as a potting shed or even a little studio.

  4. Your new header is beautiful! I can't even imagine how the upside down house works in side. And if I lived in the tree house there would definitely need to be some other entrance other than the ladder! Yikes. Please stay warm today!

  5. Beautiful new header - really stylish! Great houses :)

  6. Hej Heidi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the header!!!
    What a fabulous fun post. Where do you find such great ideas...?
    I like the house that you like...there we go again TWINS!!!
    I think it is a sauna see lots of them in Scandinavia, I like the red door especially.
    How fun is the shoe house too :D
    Ahh thanks for putting a smile on my face...
    bit fraught here tonight boys and school work
    Have a great weekend

  7. Aren't they amazing houses? The upside down house is incredible !!!
    I love your new header, very nice indeed - lovely to have a new header for the new year :-)
    Denise x

  8. Crazy pics!!! :)

    I do love your new header, Heidi!!!

    Stay warm,

  9. Love your new header, very pretty! These are amazing houses, I'd like to see the insides. I really miss that show on HGTV about eccentric homes. Enjoy the heat wave. Diane

  10. Really love your new header. So pretty and bright!

    Love those houses. Who knew you could live in an upside down house? Love the shoe shaped one!

    MBB x

  11. The header looks excellent!

    And those houses made me smile ... people have senses of humour all over the world!

  12. O My those are very quirky houses ;-)) What fun.I dont fancy the ice one either, but the shoe reminds me of the old lady who lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to do...i was wondering how many you could fit in there ;-))Great post, Dee x

  13. That ice house one is ca-razy!!

  14. Oh, wow, this is the kind of post my children LOVE, they all came running & thought your favourite was adorable. Oh i want a round red door!! Love Posie

  15. Oh I love these much fun....thanks for sharing! Friday hugs to you! xoxo

  16. ai! i noticed that new banner.
    your houses make me think.
    and say,
    no thanks, sincerely....
    tee hee...