Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our poor Baby!

Poor George gave us quite a scare this week
he just started acting all goofy and we could not figure
out what was wrong
finally we stuck a flashlight in his
mouth and we found a stick stuck in his throat.
I didn't even know he had been chewing on it
he must have picked it up when he was outside.
so scary,
your kids can tell you how they feel
and communicate.
He has been getting the Royal treatment!!
Has any of your dogs ever done this?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alfresco dining in Alaska.....

Maestro music please....
Its a sunny day

candle light

my guest came and left

I think I still prefer
dining in.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Valentine....

Since I closed the shop I have been so busy with Phil
and the PTO at school

That when I found out I was going to have the whole
day to myself....


So I watched the tear jerk er
the Locator's show.
where Mothers and Daughters
or Father and sons
are reunited after adoption
and you hear there stories.
After 2 hours I had to change the channel.
so sad and happy at the same time!

I brought out the Valentines and decorated.
Diane do you notice some treasures...

I took the fabric off this shade

It snowed some more today

Phil may have been gone but I did have someone lurking out the windows
today keeping an eye on me.
I hope you all had just as wonderful a day as I did.
now I'm off to get the kids.
I also have a favor can every one save me their
Boxtops for education that are on
certain food items.
I'm in a contest so I thought I would ask for some help!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I thank you, Miss Loved

What to wear, what to wear, I finally decided on this dress
to wear while I except my award from
formerly Little Ted Canvas
and now
now she is stylish.
I have loved her blog and her incredible work
for quite awhile now and it was so sweet
of her to think of silly little me!

I'm suppose to share 7 things about myself

so here goes
1. when I was in 5th grade we moved
from Seattle to Minnesota and lived on a
dairy farm and in 7th grade I told my teacher
proudly that I would not be needing an education
just to haul manure the rest of my life.
Thank God I'm still not hauling manure.....
2. I always told my friends that I wanted to meet Mr. right
and pop out kids like a pack of Rolo's.
Dear God it took 5 years in between each of our 3 kids
so I would be in my 70's if I had finished like
a pack of Rolo's as planned. High school I had my appendix removed
and you know where that scar is don't you
well on the farm the neighbor man came over with a box of chocolate
for me and I pulled my pants down to show him my scar
not all the way, you should have seen his face
good Lord, what was I thinking.
Poor Mr. Prigge

4.on my first date the boy opened the door for me
and I opened the other door and walked through.
5.When my Mom told my sister and I that we were going
to have a brother or sister. My sister was 11 and I was 10
I asked if Dad knew. Look at what kids know today at that age,
I was a bit of a late bloomer though.
6.In high school I use to arm wrestle the city boys and beat them
until a girlfriend told me no boy wants to date a girl who's stronger
than they are so I stopped.
7. when I was a senior in high school we moved back to Seattle
where I met Mrs. Smodiez and she wore Poison perfume
and always wore a dress or skirt.
I wanted to be just like her and she changed me into a girlie girl
in a very big way.
I hope that I did not bore you too death....

now I get to pick who I pass the award on to so here goes....

1.Posie patchwork
I could have chosen so many more but here
are 10.....

I had to share our middle son Cory
I don't know how he does it but he sits on his
narrow foot board like a bird perched.
playing his game. kids

Monday, January 24, 2011

The wait is Over...

Before Christmas I shared some lovely photos of Christine's
while we waited patiently for her to start up her blog
and YEAH ....
the wait is over and here is the link.
Looking at her photos makes me fall in love with
Alaska all over again!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whats on your wishlist....

These are the things on my wish list
now it may take 20 years to finish my list....
but I would love a couple
Anthropologie chairs.
That darn elusive Chesterfield couch.
My beloved Mora clock.

a large over scale floor mirror

Antique Scandinavian wedding trunk

French crystal chandelier

A beautiful tile European fireplace

I love these style tables

and a Aga stove!
whats on your list?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Who can Resist a Happy Face!!!

Who can resist My happy face?
This is what I have been telling my parents
Because I could not get them off the beach.
I had been giving them a hard time.
so they brought me pictures of what the beach looks
like right now,
I have not been down there for a month or so.

they have to go by 4-wheeler for about a 1/4 mile
over all this ice on the beach to get up to the main road.

See the waters edge total ice right to the tide line.

all this ice is caused by natural springs that run off the bluff.
Should I cut them some slack!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A liitle Fun...

How cool is this house

and can you just imagine
the people who would live in these houses

this one is my favorite

this one, no thanks

ships ahoy.
Thank you Amanda
for my fabulous new headers
I let Phil pick this one wait till you see them all....
so excited!
It's 12 above today so another thing to be thankful for
a little heat wave!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oOOps I almost did it again!!!

Happy Birthday Pops
Here he is with his older brother Donald
who passed away this last August.
I can't believe I almost forgot again,
I talked to my parents 3 times
and then I caught it....Phew!
Happy Birthday, Dad
It was so cold today that my blouse in my
closet was froze to the wall!!


Last Saturday while sitting at Sylvia's

in a Magazine I read an article
on Marimekko.

I use to sell Marimekko sheets over 20 years
ago at my first job with Pacific Linen.

I loved them then and I still love there bold prints today!

Bright and cheery prints

With a whole lot of funk!

So Cute....

This dress is so sweet.

I love this for Mimi.
Check out their amazing webite
for more fun items.

Saturday night was Amanda's annual swap party.
this was my treasure that I brought home.
I came down with my once a year terrible flu
so I really didn't get to take a look at it till yesterday
and found out it was a child's caplet!
No wonder it was a little snug...
Mimi loves it!!!