Monday, July 19, 2010

A Cookie in the Family

This is a picture of my Great Grandparents,
Magnus and Christine Lindstrom.
Magnus was born in 1845 and Christine was born in 1861.
They had 13 children I can't even imagine.
My Grandma was the youngest of all and her name was Ida.

Some of my Mom's relatives put this family cookbook together
and someone had submitted my Grandma's favorite cookie Recipe.
Low and behold it was our favorite too..

I have been making this cookie at the lodge
 for over ten years
only I add toffee bits instead of the coconut sometimes.

My mom and I got a kick out of this.

Check out how scared and somber she looks
on the first picture.
 she was 16 years younger
than him.

when I first saw their picture 
they look a little stern and stiff don't they.

I'd like to find out if
when they came over from Sweden
they were already married or
did they meet in America!

Try these cookies they are so good!

 they met in Minnesota.


  1. I was just going to offer to research it for you. I don't know how people did it then. Family recipes are such jewels, to me they're like keepsakes passed down through time. I treasure my Grandma's applesauce cake recipe, plump raisins, moist, and then she put mocha frosting (thick) on top. Mmmmmmm. Diane

  2. How exciting is that! I'll have to give those cookies a go,

    Victoria x

  3. What a wonderful story...and those cookies look delish! Will have to give them a whirl. Thanks for sharing and hope you're having a wonderful week :)

  4. Salut;
    Sadly for me I lost both Grans when I was only five.
    On the upside it helps with the diet!
    Always a plus... x