Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little piece of paradise....

We are officially half way through the fishing season
 and now it gets crazy.
We start next Wednesday at the remote lodge.
What this means is we split up Phil for the last 13years
has always been across at the remote for most of the summer.
Poor guy for the last 2 years has had to all the cooking, cleaning,
guiding, processing of all the fish and be on BEAR patrol.
with my Father who fishes.
this year my Mom is going over to cook again
 with my Brother who will guide.

Take a deep breath,
 I'm starting to freak out
what this means is I have to grocery shop for the main lodge
 plus the weekly shopping for the remote.
Pick up all the clients
 and get them to the airport along with all the food
 which is an an hour away
plus the ones for the main lodge
collect all the money / fishing licenses
and as Amanda knows all too well
when theres fog there's no flying.
One week 3 years ago I had 8 at the main lodge and 8
for the remote and there was fog
so I had to bring them back to the main lodge
and clean 4 bedrooms and bathrooms.
that was the worst and then cook dinner.
Oh well I made it
and I will make it again.
At least I will have Phil to help!

I love Mr.and Mrs.Fox at the remote
they come over for a visit every day
 they love white bread, how cute
is he with his hot dog bun.

I love the picture of my Dad and Mimi.

Sorry this is a rambling post, need sleep!

Today I read on Little Ted Canvas she was
going to start doing stairs, 20 flights
inspired by this
I did 15 and nearly fell down them.
After dinner I was telling Phil about the stairs
and he said did you forget something up there!


  1. Oh wow!! Those pictures are so beautiful!! You sure are going to be a busy little bee...not to mention the stairs!! Hope all it runs super smoothly for you :)

  2. You are certainly going to be kept busy!

    Victoria x

  3. My gosh! Heidi, how do you do it? I think I'd be shot after the first thing on the list! You must have a lot of energy. Please take care of yourself. Diane P. S. I love the little fox and of course the plane picture and the beautiful scenery.

  4. Love ALL of these photos! I have to get there.