Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a week...and a treat!!!

Phil and I have had
quite a week.

Sunday afternoon we went to
and she shared her treasures
from her trip
(jealous), three weeks long.
She brought me back
this adorable tray and 
a Starbucks mug.
I collect the Starbucks mugs
 from different states, city's, and countries.

so now I have a
North Carolina mug.

But Sunday I did something
lifting dishes
those pesky trays full of dishes
and slipped a disk.
Pain beyond pain
and everyday got worse
my brother came up behind me
lifted me up and like dropped me hard
does that make sense
while still holding me
If I could have hit him
 it was like a lighting shock through my body.
HURT so bad...
and then I was still so sore
I did start to feel better
after walking like an old woman hunched over
for 4 days
It's nice to have a little spring
back in my step.

Remember Phil and the PILL
well we both had
sillies this week
I have promised
to keep these things out of Blog land!

We are both being teased nonstop
but this is life.

so after such a Hard week.
 I treated myself to an original
Moose and Bird pillow...
the pear.
I hope Melinda
will start making J.r. pears
what do you think?

I will post my tray and cup and the lovelies
from Vick...soon!
as I have taken them home.

One more thing I'm alone now and in charge
at the lodge.
I told the guides I was
going to run it in a militant fashion.
they laughed

A client stayed in all morning
from fishing, a man.
His bad breath filled the kitchen and peeled
the paint off the walls.

talked the whole time
about cooking
which I loved, very interesting.

but from my suffering
I will share with you
this information.
Did you know that if
you use a thin sharp blade you wont cry cutting onions!
who Knew,
now we all know!
I'm not sure at the time if It was the
onions or his breath that was
making me cry!!


  1. So did your brother fix your back? It sounds like it. Whatever it takes, right? You have the most interesting life!! Blessings, Diane PS. Cute pear

  2. You have such fun!!(except for the back incident obviously) I adore the pair cushion, stunning fabrics, she's one clever girl!

  3. Ah you poor love with a rubbish back! What pain you must have been in, glad you are feeling back to normal again. Love the pear, gorgeous printed fabric. Oh dear with the stinky breath issue! When I worked in the shop, sometimes I had to talk to people with such bad breath up close and personal. Oh and fitting rooms in the, could literally take your breath away! We always had cans of freshener on hand!!! Have a great day my friend! xxx

  4. Hi Heidi,

    I am glad you are feeling a bit better. Thanks to your brother :-)! Did not know you had different Starbuck mugs in the US. I believe in Europe we only have one kind of mug. Love to see your collection.

    The pear pillow looks simply great!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Loving the pear cushion, so cute! Have a sweet day!

  6. Loving the pear. Just beautiful. Thanks for your comment on my Homemade Christmas Challenge. I've just posted if you'd like to join in for this week. Tracey :)

  7. Lovin' Luther ;-)