Saturday, July 3, 2010

A few treasures found...

I have not done this in awhile...but someone called the store and asked if I wanted to come look before she started her sale the next day. I usualy decline but it was great!

 I will post all the rest tomorrow but here is few!
I found a few things the bird pictures I'm going to add to my other pictures I had thrifted for myself earlier.
 I'll post them all together laterI loved this dish
and this little teapot I picked up I thought was sweet!
and here are a few pictures from Veronica's Birthday
check out how horrible her carrot cake turned out
all you can do is laugh
It was a Heidi thing
I have quite a few of them

Now Mimi is picking them up
Cory is 10 and he has started thinking its cool
to store his abc gum behind his ears
and believe me he has some room there
they are such a  cute pair...(ears)
Mimi thought she could do the same
well a big chunk of her hair had to be cut out...
what a pair of cute nuts I have!

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