Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School shopping

We went to Anchorage
school shopping.

I had so much fun
with my Mom
I can't believe
my luck of hitting
Anniversary sale.

Mimi got a little more than the boys
as far as clothes....

school shopping for a girl
is something I think
I was born for!

Good times
and a great sale!

What could be better a few
FABULOUS thrifted items.

I will post them tomorrow.

Please keep in your prayers
Jerrod Newlove
 he is one of the 2 missing soldiers
in Afghanistan.
He has a lovely wife
 and a 8 month old baby at home.
My neighbor called and asked me to put him on our
prayer list at church
 so I thought I would share this with all of you also.


  1. Who can resist a shopping trip!

    Will say a prayer for the missing soldier. Whilst my brother wishes he was still in the army and in Afghanistan I'm pleased he left as I can't imagine what it would be like having him out there.

    Victoria xx

  2. What a fabulous shopping trip Heidi!
    Thank you for stopping by twice and not forgetting about me!

    Will too say a prayer for the missing soldier.How awful,I really feel for the poor families of the soldiers. My best friend nephew will be going to Afghanistan in the next few months, it will be a worrying time for her and all the family
    Rachel xx

  3. SCHOOL!!!! ALREADY????

    I bet you did have fun shopping, little girls are so much more fun to shop for. Just like us, the women's clothes are so much more interesting than the men's. Why is that?

    I will pray, Heidi.

    Thanks for the sweet comment last night. Diane

  4. Hiya Heidi,
    once again thanks for popping by!
    I only have a 15 year old boy, so no girlie shopping sprees this side of the pond...
    My thoughts also go out to the families and soldiers of the allied forces; good energy, sorry can't pray' atheist...
    On a much lighter/nay frivoulous note! send me your address and I'll send a 'Wire Man' to adopt, who has ambitions to go Stateside.
    a bientot Madame! x