Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Embarresment and fried chicken!

I thought I would share a little about yesterday,
here are a couple photos I think the greens dressed up the wood stove without being frilly because it is still a fishing lodge.
Other news is I moved from our 2 bedrooms in the main lodge out to this Cabin. Where the kids can be as loud as they want (freedom).
 Poor Phil ,we gutted it and sprayed it all white, the floor ,everything ,it's quite cute now....
but my point is the  rooms we moved out from, we left so gross, dirty dishes, laundry,
don't judge my housekeeping
we had moved out on Sunday
and I'm so busy
 what did our real estate do
 walked her right up into those 2 gross rooms.
So when they walked in from outside
 I said did you show her the game room .
I said just don't go up stairs
 and she said I just came from there...
Just look at this mess and this was a kind photo!
I think I'm over the embarrassment of my bra laying on the floor!

for dinner we made fried chicken and I thought I'd share years ago the good old Brady Bunch mom.
 Shared her secret to fried chicken
Florence Henderson
 used self rising flour and spices
 mix spices  into your flour
 then egg and water mixed together in another bowl.
dip your chicken into the flour
 then egg
 back into the flour and fry.
 then I bake my chicken for one hour at 350 degrees.
Men love this meal
because lets face it
frys chicken anymore!

the spices that I use
onion powder

then before they go in the oven
 I sprinkle with onion salt and pepper

Well what a day
today maybe the kids
and I
will go work on those messy rooms

But first coffee!


  1. I think I would have died!
    Oh well today is a new day!
    Nice looking chicken..I have never made fried chicken.
    I like the way Carol made it...or Alice.

  2. Oh, Heidi, I don't blame you!! Why is it always that way??? You spent the day before getting the lodge ready and ..........oh! @$&**. Sometimes I think these things are meant to happen somehow, there are no coincidences. It will take a while for you to figure out why it was though. The chicken recipe sounds wonderful, I'm going to try it - it sounds easy enough for me. Diane

  3. YUM! It really is SO stressfull trying to keep everything just right for real estate visits! Cute cabin, love it!
    ..thanks for popping over & always having something lovely to say...

  4. I hope you have recovered from your 'bra on the floor' experience!!! And yummo to the fried chicken. I might try that this week. x

  5. Oh no! Not a bra on the floor experience. My dad rushed home to bring my camp bag back to the waiting bus (as we headed off on year seven camp) with a bra accidentally hanging off it! I know the feeling well. That fried chicken looks delish!! :)

  6. Oh Noooooo! Poor you! I have done a quick tidy before when have been given a 5 minute warning that someone is coming round and just shoved everything in my bedroom and shut the door! Told the kids, you can play anywhere in the house but just don't open my bedroom door. So, what happens? they play hide and seek under all the mess in my room I shoved in there! They had the whole house! And the parents go up in there to find their kids! Ah well, great to see it's not only me! Have fun with the tidy up! xxxxx