Thursday, July 1, 2010

He will be missed....

Ted passed away this evening
 and its with a heavy heart
I share this with you.

I met Ted 18 years ago
 It was the
first year my parents bought the Lodge
and he guided for us but
 we fired him
 and he left in a huff.
Two years went by and he called us up and

His wife Judy had died
and he worked on and off for us till 2 years ago.

Ted was one of those sweet old farts..

a lot of times he would be on shore with  my Mom the kids and me
and one day we were trying to get my kids
 and my nieces and nephews
 to go weed in the garden.
well they came in and asked what the pay was going to be
 and Ted said I better go out and oversee this.
My Mom and I went out to check Ted and Mimi
were sitting on a log and they were all working
and when they were done he said
 now your pay is the bed you get to sleep in tonight.

Ted had Diabetes and a bad heart.
and when he called to say goodbye to all of us
I never thought that it would really be the last..
He said if I make it out of this hospital I'm coming up for a month.
I teased him I was going to send a hot babe over to the hospital to visit him.
He had been in the hospital for 2 months
and yesterday he lost his eyesight.
Poor Ted ,his daughter said he had suffered so
terribly ,so I know he's in a better place.

He was 75


  1. Sorry to hear of your loss of a sweet friend.
    Sounds like a great guy.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your sad news, it sounds like you have some treasured memories of a wonderful friend...

  3. Such sad news...but from what you say, you have nice memories to hold on to. xxx

  4. Oh Heidi,

    I'm so sorry Ted passed. I loved your touching memories of him. I'm sure over the years your family made a special place in his life and heart. xomoto

  5. Sorry to hear such sad news. Sending you a big hug,

    Victoria x

  6. Your caring and love for this man comes through in your beautiful post, Heidi. I'm so sorry for your loss, it's never easy. I'll keep you in my prayers as well as all those who cared about him. Diane