Monday, July 12, 2010

We made it through the Year

One year ago today this little love of our life
had a seizure.
It's so clear in my mind as if it just happened yesterday.

 She did not have a fever and
the scary part was
 they could not get her to stop seizing
 so they induced a coma.
they flew us up to
 Anchorage from Homer.
where we went through test after test.
they were baffled as to what caused it.
The neurologist told us that
if she can make it past a year without
another seizure that the odds of her having another one
are very slim....
so as our one year anniversary,
we went out and celebrated today at
our little toy store and for some
reason I can't down load a picture
but she picked out a little puppy (stuffed)
because she has her George.
but she is our little healthy gift from God...
and our prayers were answered!

We can now relax a little
we still have the teen years yet to go!


  1. Hooray! For your daughters milestone!!!!!! You can all breathe a little easier now!
    Gotta run the big man came home to eat, and I have to rpetend I am not here.

  2. Wonderful! Hopefully that will not happen again. Nice that you celebrated it. Things like that are very, very special. Diane

  3. What a milestone to celebrate!!

    Victoria x

  4. WHEW! Glad that year has passed! I'm so glad Mimi is out of the woods. I'd hate for anything else to happen to that little stinker.

  5. Hi there - thanks for visiting me. My son had seizure type things when he was small - usually with a temperature - we nearly lost him the first one as he was a baby and the hospital could'nt bring him out of it - so I know what you mean - one more thing to be thankful for - our children are our greatest blessings. Betty xxx

  6. SO glad to hear it! My cousin's son had this too! Never figured it out and has been fine since. I will make sure to pray that she continues to have a great life!
    Hugs, Lisa