Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Items for the shop!!

Diane this is the picture I was telling you about how cute are these 4 bears
caught on the city web cam on a trail in Anchorage...
follow the leader!

the red tray in the first picture is from Vicki
how sweet is that
and Madelief here is a picture of my mug from Starbucks also
a gift from Vicki's trip,
I'll someday show my collection. My most
treasured ones are my Seattle mugs!

the rest are my new found
treasures for the store.
I love the 4 pieces of vintage oil cloth
how pretty are they and
the enamelware coffee pots and the little
child's dry sink!!

Oh and my light fixture arrived
It needs a little more work than I thought
thank God I have a handy man that can fix it...
It's so beautiful

I can't wait for my before and after
I know you will
agree it's a better fit for the
dining room!

I was hoping to escape to the store today
But the bad breath man
informed me that they were confused
 and thought their trip ended Sunday.

So I just set sourdough
for morning pancakes.

I didn't feel like cooking
because it was suppose to be my
evening off so
I drove 60 miles round trip for
and brought back to serve.
It was such a lovely quiet drive
and I didn't care!

I hope you all
Have a Wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks, Heidi, They look quite orderly, don't they! Still..I wouldn't want to run into them on that path. Beautiful animals, aren't they! How many Starbucks mugs do you have? I have two, had three but wore one out!! Now I have Alaska and Baltimore. (Guess you can tell where Amanda's been!) Love all your new things. How do you find that beautiful enamelware? And I love the little cash register. Diane

  2. The cash register (or till as we Brits call it!) is adorable,

    Victoria x

  3. How beautiful is the green polka dot enamel ware teapot??? Teapot love. xo

  4. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for showing me your mug :-)! It looks good! Love your finds for the shop. Especially the blue enamel coffeepot with the rose. That looks simply divine!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. The blue enamel coffee pot is gorgeous!! As is the vintage fabric!
    Tamzin X

  6. hi there- thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comment.
    How beautiful your site is- I just LOVE all of the things in the photos!

  7. What a great weekend and you found lovely treasures!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Oh you always unearth the most amazing treasures! Those trays are gorgeous. Hope you're having a brilliant week :)

  9. G! Gorgeous goodies...
    We appear to have similar tastes.
    Yum yum burp x