Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Walk and New Discoveries....

We brought our bikes down this summer.and look at her goMimi had to give this little guy a ride.another turned picture how weird are these.
Huge Sea AnemonesWe dug a hole and saved this little guy.
We have 2 water falls on the beach
someday I'll post the other one.

In Alaska Cook Inlet we have the 2nd
largest tide movements in the world.
28 feet
and when its out
It's like walking on pavement!


  1. Wow Heidi, fantastic pictures! Now that's a place I would like to visit!The waterfall looks amazing! I hope that your day is going well! Have a great rest of a week! xxx

  2. How lovely to walk on that beautiful beach, Heidi (or ride your bike!) Beautiful eagle and sea life. Diane

  3. Beautiful pictures. You can never tire of wandering the beach with kids. All the exploring & adventures.
    Stairs are going great so far & it's amazing how much better I feel about myself in just a few days. Good on you for giving it a shot, hang in there! x

  4. Great photos! So much to be explored at the beach. I loved playing in the water pools when I was young. Seeing what creatures I could find. Hope you are enjoying your break. xo
    P.S. Posting a Pear to Alaska would be 13.50USD. xo

  5. the beach is a playground for kids. I am going to google your area....looks wonderful!