Saturday, July 31, 2010

Halibut chowder for my Philip

Phil has wanted me to make
 Halibut chowder for years
and I never have because
 I thought all the recipes I looked at sounded...not so good!

So three weeks ago I tackled this soup
and dumped all my favorite things together
it turned out delicious.

So I first like to set the table, my favorite
part of the meal.

Then recruit good help...

I first cut up a few potatoes and carrots
and par-boil them in a little chicken broth...

then I cut up my peppers and onions and saute them
in a little olive oil with sea salt.

then when the carrots are almost soft I add the sauteed
onions and peppers.

I use fat free half and half you can use the real stuff
I have also used coconut milk this is real creamy...

I melt all of the cheese and cream together
then dump it in also.

For my halibut I always use leftovers from the night before
and it doesn't matter how its been cooked.

Now to control how spicy you want your soup
 with the pepper jack cheese in it.
It is activated with black pepper
so start off with a few shakes first
 and then taste as you go.

then add your crumbled bacon and milk
and thicken with instant potato flakes
and Voila!

This is the first soup
some men
actually went back for 4 bowls!

Friday, July 30, 2010

more treasures

Here are some treasures I have found for the store and ME!!!

These French canisters
I have been in love with them
since I saw the picture of them...
note same picture on the side
of my blog...
My find of the Year!!!

I love the dream of Jeanie lamp.
the little flower salt and pepper shakers.

the wicker table is so sweet too!

I have big plans for the table lamp!!!

Last night we had 14 lovely ladies
for dinner it was so much fun.

I hope you all had a wonderful evening also.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Country Home

I thought I'd share some of Country Homes
inviting spaces.

I wish I could crawl into anyone of these
welcoming photos
for a nap.

My favorite rooms are the first pink bedroom
and the lavender floral room with
the cute gingham sheets.

Whats yours?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School shopping

We went to Anchorage
school shopping.

I had so much fun
with my Mom
I can't believe
my luck of hitting
Anniversary sale.

Mimi got a little more than the boys
as far as clothes....

school shopping for a girl
is something I think
I was born for!

Good times
and a great sale!

What could be better a few
FABULOUS thrifted items.

I will post them tomorrow.

Please keep in your prayers
Jerrod Newlove
 he is one of the 2 missing soldiers
in Afghanistan.
He has a lovely wife
 and a 8 month old baby at home.
My neighbor called and asked me to put him on our
prayer list at church
 so I thought I would share this with all of you also.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Items for the shop!!

Diane this is the picture I was telling you about how cute are these 4 bears
caught on the city web cam on a trail in Anchorage...
follow the leader!

the red tray in the first picture is from Vicki
how sweet is that
and Madelief here is a picture of my mug from Starbucks also
a gift from Vicki's trip,
I'll someday show my collection. My most
treasured ones are my Seattle mugs!

the rest are my new found
treasures for the store.
I love the 4 pieces of vintage oil cloth
how pretty are they and
the enamelware coffee pots and the little
child's dry sink!!

Oh and my light fixture arrived
It needs a little more work than I thought
thank God I have a handy man that can fix it...
It's so beautiful

I can't wait for my before and after
I know you will
agree it's a better fit for the
dining room!

I was hoping to escape to the store today
But the bad breath man
informed me that they were confused
 and thought their trip ended Sunday.

So I just set sourdough
for morning pancakes.

I didn't feel like cooking
because it was suppose to be my
evening off so
I drove 60 miles round trip for
and brought back to serve.
It was such a lovely quiet drive
and I didn't care!

I hope you all
Have a Wonderful weekend!

sPiNario Fun

This store is amazing

When my parents moved up to Alaska
18 years ago
they had always had
Teak furniture,
clean lines,

Mid century style.

they sold it all for $250.00

It makes me sick
but after looking at it all those years growing up
I wanted no part of it..

 win some and lose some

Tomorrow I'll post treasures!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a week...and a treat!!!

Phil and I have had
quite a week.

Sunday afternoon we went to
and she shared her treasures
from her trip
(jealous), three weeks long.
She brought me back
this adorable tray and 
a Starbucks mug.
I collect the Starbucks mugs
 from different states, city's, and countries.

so now I have a
North Carolina mug.

But Sunday I did something
lifting dishes
those pesky trays full of dishes
and slipped a disk.
Pain beyond pain
and everyday got worse
my brother came up behind me
lifted me up and like dropped me hard
does that make sense
while still holding me
If I could have hit him
 it was like a lighting shock through my body.
HURT so bad...
and then I was still so sore
I did start to feel better
after walking like an old woman hunched over
for 4 days
It's nice to have a little spring
back in my step.

Remember Phil and the PILL
well we both had
sillies this week
I have promised
to keep these things out of Blog land!

We are both being teased nonstop
but this is life.

so after such a Hard week.
 I treated myself to an original
Moose and Bird pillow...
the pear.
I hope Melinda
will start making J.r. pears
what do you think?

I will post my tray and cup and the lovelies
from Vick...soon!
as I have taken them home.

One more thing I'm alone now and in charge
at the lodge.
I told the guides I was
going to run it in a militant fashion.
they laughed

A client stayed in all morning
from fishing, a man.
His bad breath filled the kitchen and peeled
the paint off the walls.

talked the whole time
about cooking
which I loved, very interesting.

but from my suffering
I will share with you
this information.
Did you know that if
you use a thin sharp blade you wont cry cutting onions!
who Knew,
now we all know!
I'm not sure at the time if It was the
onions or his breath that was
making me cry!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July

For two of my friends this past Christmas
I framed them this amazing hand painted
vintage French wallpaper.

the only problem is poor Amanda had to wait till
June and Mary just got her set yesterday
Christmas in July...
The last picture is Amanda"s picture
 displyed in her beautiful home.
Amanda is also

So I guess I was on board already with the Handmade

Phil built the frames
and I painted them...

Now I'm next,
 I want three long framed panels.

Some day!